Everything You Need To Know About Party Tents This Season


When organizing a party or putting up party tents for sale, one of the first things that come to mind is to do it? It is complicated to decide with so many options for the location, but all these choices boil down to two: indoor or outdoor space, a party room, or marquees for events.

Throwing an outdoor party brings with it several fun opportunities and decorations to try. However, it also reveals some critical things that must be taken into account, the first of which: choosing the right marquee for events.

Suppose you want to create a dynamic, fresh and charming atmosphere. In that case, you should select tents for events that match the theme, be it a family reunion, a quinceañera, a wedding anniversary, or a Christmas dinner.

Beyond choosing a tent that goes according to the occasion, another factor that you must consider is the time of year in which it is being carried out since several different types of tents and awnings adapt to the season.

The fifteen at the end of the year

During the winter season, we recommend choosing closed event tents, either with central posts or with structure, as they allow you to keep all your guests warm and in a state of comfort.

One of the most popular events that we organize at Doblezero during the mild climate months is the quinceañera parties. Experience tells us that there is no better way to celebrate that unique and magical day than outdoors under the light of the stars.

If you already have everything ready for your party, here are some tips that you should follow to get the most out of your tent.

To dance

Although it is impressive to enjoy an event under the stars’ light, it is also important to look down. Tents for events can protect your guests but remember that you are organizing quinces outdoors, so you must designate a particular area to set up a dance floor.

The beauty is in the details.

While it is true that event marquees add a special touch to any celebration, they do not work by themselves. We recommend installing it several days in advance and preparing the decoration in tune with the party’s theme to accompany it. With the right atmosphere, you can impress your guests and make them feel like they are in a magical place.


Today many quinceanera parties start in the daytime and have a tremendous nighttime closing, so your guests can’t stay in the dark. Lighting is essential; with the appropriate lights, you can create a romantic, fantastic or memorable atmosphere, depending on the quality distribution in the event tents.

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