Few Amazing and Interesting Facts About Packaging


The packaging design is a very broad term with a significant impact on the business and brand. Beginning from food packets to Apple product packaging, even tea bags everywhere for every commodity you will find various types of packaging. One cannot think of shopping without packaging but very few know several aspects of packaging such as what materials are used to create packaging, details about packaging finishing, its functionality and durability etc. Get in touch with solution emballageNetpakin order to avail the best packaging services to grow your business. Here are a few interesting facts about packaging for you to know.

The cardboard boxes which you see extensively used in packaging are more than a century old. The first cardboard box was patented in the year 1903 but cardboard itself is much older than the cardboard box. The first cardboard was patented in the year 1856. If you happen to see the unboxing the Apple product, you will be amazed by the simplicity and beauty of their packaging. The Apple company has entrusted a dedicated whole section of its human resources in order to achieve perfection in packaging. The Apple company has designated a special place in their headquarter for coming up with innovative packaging for its new products.

Coca-Cola is less known for the product but more known for the red-branding of packaging around the world. As per a research which was published a few years back claims that 94% of the total population in the world recognise the red-branding packaging of Coca-Cola. The word or the name of “Coca-Cola” has been claimed to be 2nd most understood word or name across the world. The first most understood word in the world is “OK”!

Similarly, a different research claims that coffee is one of the most attractive and sweet smell commodity. The manufacturers of coffee very well know that the smell of the coffee is the real temptation behind the popularity of coffee. But you will be amazed to know that the intense aroma which you smell as soon as you open the coffee jar is actually a type of spray aroma which is used under the lid of the coffee jar.

The Tomorrow Machine, a Swedish design company has created a magic juice box or packaging which is made out of the water and agar-agar seaweed gel and used for containing fresh juice for a short-term. The innovation of this packaging is that the box withers as the product is consumed.

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