Finding the right pest control SEO service: A quick guide!


With consumers turning to the internet to find top exterminators and increasing competition, your pest control company cannot afford to overlook online marketing. Online marketing should ideally start with SEO, and as your business expands and can afford to spend more, you can include options like PPC and social media ads into the marketing mix. How do you select the right pest control SEO service? We have a guide below for your help. 

  1. Think of long-term collaboration. It is important to understand that SEO is not a onetime thing. You cannot start with online marketing and SEO for few months and suddenly stop everything. When you look for an SEO agency, think of long-term partnership. This also means looking into the work of the company and not merely the estimate. 
  2. Ask for estimates and website audit. Most SEO companies will be happy to offer a review and audit of your pest control business website. This gives a fair idea of what to expect from the agency in terms of expertise. Also, you can consider whether your existing website needs a makeover. As for the estimates, you need to be objective and check what an agency is offering for the price. 
  3. Don’t be fooled to believe fake promises. ‘We can get your pest control business on the top of Google within a week’ – If you hear anything of this sort, look for other options. SEO is no magic and doesn’t work overnight. It may take at least a couple of months until you see real difference in traffic and online exposure. 
  4. Ask about strategy. The core aspects of SEO always remain the same, but when to comes to niche-specific work, such as the pest control industry, expertise matters. Ask the agency about their standard approach to SEO for businesses similar to yours. Check if they are focusing enough on both on-page and off-page SEO, and how they plan to drive traffic to your website. 
  5. Discuss about reports. Some SEO agencies will offer regular updates and reports to clients, so that they can track the growth of their website. These reports outline the overall increase in traffic and how the website has performed within that period. 

Finally, do insist on having a clear contract with the SEO agency. If the company claims to be the best in SEO for pest control companies, they will have enough clients. Ask for references, and check online for independent reviews. 

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