Four Important Factors to Consider when Buying a Notebook


If you are passionate about writing, a notebook and a pen can be your best friends. But, if you are like other writers, you probably just don’t care about which notebook to buy. You just buy whatever you find without a thought on how you will use it.  Some notebooks are designed to be functional while others are beautiful and fun. Check out the loose leaf notebooks from 123ink. You can find plenty of notebooks on the market that can make it hard to pick the one that is right for you. Below are some tips to consider when buying notebooks:


Notebooks are available in all sizes and shapes. There are a lot of common/standard sizes; however, there are slight variations in such sizes. Some brands have their own custom sizing. Suppliers list the closest size to a standard size like A5 and the measurement in centimeters in a notebook listing and title. Make sure to check the measurements and get a ruler to visualize a size before ordering a notebook.

Number of Pages and Sheets

Notebooks have sheets of paper. However, the way a notebook is described in terms of its thickness will depend on the number of pages it has. A sheet of paper is actually two pages. Thus, ensure you check the product listing specifications first to make sure you know the number of pages you will be getting. Remember that just because a notebook has more pages than others does not mean it is always the best choice. This is because the more pages a notebook has the heavier or thicker it gets. So, if you want a notebook that you wish to keep in your bag, go for fewer pages.

Paper Weight

Often, heavier or thicker paper is associated with better quality paper and delivers less show through when using a fountain pen, for instance. Suppliers will usually list the grams per meter squared or a notebook. However, this is only possible when the notebook is supplied by the manufacturer.

Page Layout and Rulings

Notebooks are made with lots of rulings. These days, you will see notebooks that have multiple rulings. You will find the main rulings in the product description, title, or specifications. Line ruling is the most common. The standard ruling is 7 mm which is used by the majority of stationery designers. Exercise notebooks usually have an 8 mm ruling. However, notebooks are also available in plain, dot grid, and grid.

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