How Do I Make an Outdoor Banner?


Using an outdoor banner is a great way to market your service/products and brand to a larger audience. With the right design and style, these banners can effectively boost your business reach and traffic. This is why it’s so important to give your banner more thought. 

When it comes to its creation and design, there are several different aspects to consider.

Take into Account the Mounting Process

There are many different banner types you can utilize for your business marketing. You can choose more traditional banners such as pull-up and pop-up ones, or you might be more interested in something like pavement signs, printed tents, café barriers, display boards, and so on. It’s also possible to choose different materials.

Depending on the type of banner you choose, there are different guidelines on how to proceed with the design. It’s crucial that you avoid having your branding or an entire pitch spread across the whole banner before it’s mounted; this might make parts of your design completely invisible to the audience once the material is properly mounted and attached.

Also, consider the weather when you’re looking for the best banner options. If you plan to put up a banner sign somewhere windy and with a lot of rainfall, you’ll do much better with waterproof and mesh materials that don’t bend or flap too easily.

Make Sure Your Banner Is Readable

The whole purpose of an outdoor banner is to be striking enough to capture the attention of your target audience. You don’t want to make the mistake of choosing too small or barely readable fonts

A great rule to go by, in this case, would be to opt for about ten inches of letter height in regard to 100 feet of visibility. 

That way, even the passers-by will be able to spot your banner signs and read what you have to say. By keeping this rule in mind, it is easier to choose the ideal banner size, taking into account different setups and settings.

Keep It Simple

Even if you manage to draw the attention of your target audience to your outdoor banner and get them to read what it says, you have to remember that people will spend just around 2 seconds of their time truly analyzing the banner. Therefore, you have to create a strong and easy-to-understand message that works well with the overall design. That way, your audience will be instantly engaged and marketed to.

The best way to go about this is to adopt simplicity and minimalism. While complex and detailed designs might look amazing on a computer screen, they won’t always translate well when it’s on a banner in real life. Your goal is for people to understand your message the moment their eyes are drawn to the banner design.

Utilize the Focal Point

Every design meant to attract and engage the audience needs to have a proper focal point. This is the exact spot where people tend to look at first. Use your banner design to market your brand within this focal point the most.

As you can probably guess, the focal point should be the most impactful area in regard to the overall design and appearance of your banner. It’s also a good idea to isolate this part with the effective use of white space. 

This is precisely why you should leave the technical aspects of banner design to the professionals. At, you can work with experts on the matter who will take your input and turn it into an effective and powerful message.

Make Your CTA Prominent and Clear

Beautiful designs can be achieved even with simplicity and a minimalist approach. However, they won’t be effective at all if they don’t have a clear CTA (call-to-action) to engage the audience all the way. Your CTA should be tied to your business practices and embody whatever action you want your target audience to take.

In case you’re marketing your goods available at the shop nearby, you can use a CTA such as “Check Out Free Samples in the Shop”. If you offer services, you can use a CTA saying “Call Us Today!”. Those of you operating online can make the most out of CTAs such as “Visit Our Website”, and similar.

Even though digital marketing has taken over the marketing world, some aspects of traditional marketing are still going strong. This includes a well-thought-out design for outdoor banners. Be it a street sign or a part of your exhibition stand, banners can make a big difference when it comes to the reach and engagement of your target audience. 

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