How Much Can I Expect From a Personal Injury Settlement?


As with all cases, personal injury settlements are not always the same. Different injuries call for different settlement amounts. A lacerated spleen may require a higher settlement than a broken arm. If you suffer from a serious condition that calls for monthly medical care, you can expect your settlement to run into thousands of dollars. However, there are several factors that go into determining how much you will receive as a personal injury settlement.

Your age and health at the time of the accident are very important factors. How much can I expect from a personal injury settlement if I am fifty years old and have chronic bronchitis? A settlement amount will obviously be much less if I am in perfect health. Your employment and earnings will also affect how much you are able to expect. If you are employed and earning a decent salary, you should be able to expect more than someone who has no employment and no income at all.

The type of injury you suffer from will determine how much you can expect from a settlement. If your injury is serious, the settlement will usually reflect that in the monetary value of your settlement. For example, a car accident will be worth much more than a slip and fall, or even a trip to the emergency room.

The cost of medical care will also affect the amount you can expect from a personal injury settlement. In many cases, doctors’ bills and hospital stays will send a large portion of your settlement away. As with any other expense, it is important to budget these costs into your settlement. It is also important to understand that the insurance company will probably not cover the costs of your medical care.

If you have financial support, such as a child, spouse or parents, you will also receive a percentage of your settlement. How much can I expect from a personal injury settlement? Your emotional pain and suffering will also be factored in to your settlement. A personal injury can really make you and your family feel like the world has turned against you, making it difficult to think clearly and even making it difficult to enjoy daily life. When you are told how much you will be entitled to following an injury, this will help you continue with your life and continue to support your family. PI Attorney near me can help you with your settlement. We recommend Cain and Herren from Maui.

How much can I expect from a personal injury settlement? You will have a percentage to be entitled to, based on the severity of your injury. The more severe your injury, the greater your share in your injury settlement.

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