Importance of Content Marketing In SEM, Usability and Social Networks


Content marketing is essential since, in Digital Marketing, content is vital. Internet content is necessary for many Digital Marketing topics; to improve usability, for Social Network strategies, success in electronic commerce, and Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns.

In this article, we will review some benefits of quality content in the Digital Marketing strategy:

Benefits of Content Marketing for Usability and Conversion

Quality content is essential to improve usability and conversion on a website. Some reasons why content is essential in this topic are:

Unique Value Proposal (UVP)

Using good content to communicate the company’s unique value proposition (UVP) is very important to improve the conversion on the website. It should be clearly stated why visitors should buy the company’s products or services, showing in a powerful way how the company differs from the competition.

Communication Must Take Action

It is essential to use expressions with a call to action to turn the visitor into a customer. This allows increasing the conversion since the client controls the interaction (it is one click away from the competition).

Benefits of Content Marketing for SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns

The content has two crucial aspects related to Search Engine Marketing campaigns:

The Copy of The Campaign Ads:

Copy of PPC campaign ads is one of the most important elements to ensure success. If a good copy (including the keywords of interest) is created, the ads will increase the click rate (CTR) and therefore decrease the value per click.

The Content on The Arrival Pages:

The quality content on the arrival page (also called the landing page) will make it possible to convert more visitors into customers in pay-per-click strategies. The arrival pages must have adequate and quality content that allows them to meet the visitor’s expectations.

Benefits of Content Marketing for The Social Networks Strategy:

With the growing importance of social networks, it makes the content more valuable since this is the primary tool to create and develop a community in social media. It provides a means to make money online fast.

This is why a company that wants to make a strategy in social networks must hire a community manager who would be responsible for generating the quality content that is required in this channel. It is important to note that the community manager has more responsibilities than the generation and adaptation of content for social networks. However, it is one of its most important activities.


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