Mineral Extraction: Understand More About The Subject


Mining is the practice responsible for extracting ores from nature for commercial use. It consists of research, exploration, mining (extraction), and processing of ores present in the subsoil. The rocky portion of planet Earth is made up of rocks, which are made up of minerals.

Some of these minerals and rocks are considered valuable because they have some economic utility that makes them more valuable in the market; they are called ores. Some examples of ores are iron, copper, gold, granite, marble, and many others.

When we talk about mining, there are many points to consider. With a routine almost entirely automated or facilitated through technology, we are becoming, every day, more dependent on machines, be they home appliances, vehicles, or derivatives. As we use these machines more frequently, their lifespan also becomes shorter.

In addition, this shorter lifespan culminates in another problem: the need to renew these machines, leading to constant ore extraction to keep production high and meet the growing demand. And so, we design new machines, involve new technologies, and use new materials.

But what about the effects of mining? Is she destroying the planet and the environment? How does it happen? All this we will answer now; just keep reading.

Types Of Ores

When we talk about types of mining, we refer to mining, that is, the name given to the technique of extracting ores. There are different mining methods, which vary according to the mine and its applied extraction methods.

There are 2 main types of mining: surface and underground, which we will talk about a little more later.

Surface Mining (Or Open-Pit Mining)

Surface mining concerns the extraction of ores deposited close to the surface. In this way, the method explores the ore until its complete exhaustion, using slopes, slices, pits, and dissolution mining techniques.

Underground Mining

Underground mining concerns the extraction of ores deposited far from the surface, exploring this ore through probe and topography. Among the main variations that are part of underground mining are the highlights with self-supporting and enclosing and rebate.

And What Is The Best Method?

When choosing the mining method that will be applied, it is necessary to consider some factors. In addition to being aware of the characteristics of the area to be explored, knowing well geological aspects and its depth, there are other things to consider.

One of them is the social, economic, and environmental aspects, such as mine safety and hygiene issues. This is important because a lack of planning or a wrong choice of method can end up causing unexpected environmental damage, jeopardizing the success of ore extraction. To learn more about Tungsten Carbide Scrap Recycling, you can visit website.

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