Minimalism Is Important in Website Design & Marketing


Minimalism increasingly has become the trend in the designing of web sites. Most research shows that bold and loud is not the case for a good website. This same research shows that visual density will affect any user’s first impression. When a web designer understands this fact about first impressions it guides them to do more with less.

Design that is clean

End users are more attracted to web sites having a design that is clean. Modern users tend to favor those sites that are designed and have a focus on needed components rather than “bells and whistles” which are distracting. Minimalist designs will attract more users and they will stay on the site longer to get the entire benefit of the content message. In Phoenix there is a very good local website designer that employs this designing style extremely well.

Reasons why

There are five reasons to choose a web design that is minimalist and they include:

  • Improves site readability;
  • Allows navigation that is easy;
  • Highlights content;
  • Expresses balance and professionalism;
  • Improves user’s ability to process information.

Site readability

A good web designer near me explained to me about the habits of reading and the importance of making a design that is more readable. This factor can determine how much of the web page will be read by users.

Finding information

This type of design ensures that users are able to find the information they are looking for easier because this type of design organizes information properly. In addition, there are several ways to better optimize the readability of the content. Since only the elements that are essential are put into the design, there is little distraction and it is much easier for the user to find what they are looking for on the website.

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