Money management At Its Best


Perhaps it may seem strange to some to consider managing money as a spiritual practice, something, therefore, through which to evolve one’s interiority.

Unlike those who consider lack of money to be the reason they fail to accomplish what they would like in life, for others money can be a faithful guardian angel instead. What has happened in the lives of people who have always felt generously protected and supported by money even though they did not come from wealthy families? Those people whose money always came at the right times, as soon as it was running out? Only Fortune? Accident or synchronism? 

For the People

Surely this type of people are a minority compared to the average who feel their life in the grip of money, but perhaps the problem is that very few people still allow themselves to conceive – first of all internally – something different from the average. Thus, continuing to severely limit the possibilities that their dreams offer, they limit the aspiration to the beauty of living, aspiring more to money, thinking that beauty springs from it. I believe that the opposite is more true, that only by implementing all the beauty of life can a concrete economy of happiness arise because the dominant model has taught us that knowing how to deal with money means we are much more interested in the profit achieved than in what we experienced during the journey that led us to result. 

The Use of the Money

The invention of money had an evident practicality in the economy but from the beginning it was contaminated by all human psychoses. Money, immediately deprived of its sacred value, became the symbol of material lust, and this was its condemnation, and therefore ours as well.

The Belief About Money

We believe that money is an entity that needs to be honored and left free from feelings of anxiety, greed, fear and guilt. Thus money can be celebrated, to heal and heal us, it will be able to realize destinies for humanity different from those to which it has been relegated up to now. The presence of much money is a particular manifestation of abundance, but not the only one, indeed it is often only a degeneration of it. In reality, abundance and wealth are an attitude of the human soul that can only come from the heart and cannot be quantified in numbers. Small amounts of money can bring great happiness, prosperity and satisfaction; for the serial accumulators of money, however, large capital is never enough. If abundance does not come from the heart then it will be called greed or attachment to money, which corresponds to inner misery. Visit  for the best results there.


Inner abundance is the ability to multiply the value of what is available (enhance), without focusing on what is missing, but enjoying what is there to the fullest. This is the most important symbolic meaning of the evangelical miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. We could thus formulate the law of abundance: “if everyone shares what they have, everyone has more” instead of “the more I take away from others, the more I have for myself”.

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