Philadelphia personal injury lawsuit: Consult an attorney immediately


The aftermath of an accident is always confusing. If you were injured in such an accident in Pennsylvania, where the other party was negligent or caused intentional harm, you could file a personal injury lawsuit. The lawsuit is meant to help recover a financial settlement that will help you with the losses, such as medical care & treatment expenses and lost income. While you can initiate legal action on your own, it is wise to consult and take advice from one of Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys. In this post, we are sharing more on why working with a personal injury lawyer is so critical for your case. 

Understanding your claim

How much should you claim for your injuries and losses? Do you even have a valid personal injury case for the given circumstances? How long will it take to win a settlement? Will the matter end up in trial? What if you had a share in fault?

These are common questions that people often have in mind immediately after an accident. Each situation is unique and requires careful assessment. Like everyone else, you may not know much about personal injury laws in Pennsylvania. Working with an attorney will help you understand your rights and interests. 

Win a fair settlement

No one wants to admit fault after an accident. It is also no secret that insurance companies don’t play fair when it comes to claims. Your claim may be denied or delayed, and if the fault is disputed, you may not get a settlement at all. Even though the laws support the victim, winning a fair settlement is easier said than done. Attorneys have the experience and expertise to understand the circumstances and can negotiate better on clients’ behalf. If the matter goes to court, your lawyer’s strategy and aggressive approach will matter in getting a favorable outcome. 

No recovery, no fee

Most people are unaware of the fact that personal injury attorneys don’t charge a fee unless the client makes a recovery. In other words, if you don’t win a settlement from the other party (or the insurance company), your lawyer cannot ask for a fee. The lawyer may even pay for other expenses related to investigation and litigation until you get paid. Hiring an attorney and seeking legal advice will not cost anything, at least in the initial stages. 

Your best friend is a personal injury lawyer who has handled cases similar to yours.

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