Professional Private Investigative Services in Singapore


Looking for professional help in Singapore? Our team of private investigators specializes in providing discreet and efficient investigations tailored to meet your specific needs. Looking for professional help in Singapore? Our team of private investigators in Singapore specializes in discreet and efficient investigations.

Specialization in Covert and Professional Investigations

Sometimes, it becomes hard to get a reliable and professional private investigator, which is why such an investigative service provider is relevant for Singapore. All detectives who work with our company are knowledgeable in tackling all types of cases keenly and discreetly to protect the client’s confidentiality. This means that while dealing with the matters you need to overcome, we will ensure that the investigations and interventions are nice and discreet.

Comprehensive Array of Services

Our team ensures that we have provided all the services that can relate to personal issues as well as business issues. For individuals, we deal with matrimonial cases, which involve surveillance and piecing together statistics in cases of suspected marital infidelity. We also include the service of searching for individuals who have gone missing, investigations, security services and checks. We desire to ensure that you get the knowledge you seek to make accurate choices and have ease of mind. Looking for professional help in Singapore? Our team of private investigators in Singapore specializes in discreet and efficient investigations.

To business entities, therefore, corporate investigative services are very useful. In the area of personnel security, Incorp assists clients in conducting independent background investigations of applicants and acquired personnel and partnerships to ensure that the interest of the company is protected at all times. Our investigators are particularly proficient in the arenas of fraud, embezzlement, and of course IP theft, guaranteeing your business as well as its reputation. Primary investigations are essential in any organisation and we aim to offer a true and prompt solution.

Commitment to Advanced Technology and Professionalism

In this case, what differentiates our team is the utilization of modern technology and professional investigations. We base our methodologies on advanced technological equipment and tools, which ensure that we acquire all the relevant information in the shortest time possible. All our investigators are well-experienced and licenced, and they work with a lot of integrity, thus producing convincing and legally acceptable evidence.


Should you require the services of a private detective in Singapore? Contact our team of private investigators, ready to assist you with professional investigative services that are sensitive, speedy and considerably competent. We are here for you, with honesty and competence to help you find what you are looking for to help you progress.

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