Renewable Energy: Economic And Environmental Advantages


Knowing what renewable energy is, its worldwide importance, which sources are available, and how they work in your country, you must identify the advantages for your business in adopting this type of system and having it managed by firms like e360 power amongst  others. The main one is economic. Renewable energy, specifically solar, is a very affordable system for everyone and brings immediate benefits to the consumer’s pocket.

Any energy consumer unit – whether residential, commercial, or industrial -, where consumption is higher than the minimum availability rate (the amount charged by the energy concessionaire in your region to make the electricity service available to your property) already justifies investment in photovoltaic solar energy. Your electric bill shows this data.

In addition, in many cases, consumers finance the photovoltaic system through smaller installments than the monthly savings. In other words, it is an example of immediate savings, representing a relief for the bills, especially at the current moment we are in, in a scenario with an increase in energy tariffs and low-interest rates.

But it is not just the economic factor that weighs on the investment decision. The sustainable appeal of energy sources every day gains more relevance in the companies’ strategy of being “greener.” Exploiting renewable energy sources emits virtually zero greenhouse gases and other pollutants contributing to climate change.

Its closest benefit to people is to reduce pollution-related diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, and other respiratory diseases. In addition, they can reduce the need for large-scale hydroelectric projects with the consequential effects of flooding and erosion.

It is important to remember that the Brazilian consumption pattern has changed over the last decade. Consumers expect companies to protect society and the environment. Adopting a sustainable behavior is no longer a fashion, a simple differential in the market, to become a necessity or even a duty for any company – from multinationals to small businesses. And this does not mean that only specific sustainable practices should be adopted, but that this behavior starts to be seen by the public as a philosophy of its business.

Therefore, investing in renewable energy systems brings benefits to your pocket and the environment and guarantees a good image for your company, translating into a commitment to the cause. Also have it managed by good companies like e360 power for example is advisable.

What Will The Future Of Renewable Energy Look Like?

Investing in renewable energy sources is a path of no return and will be the subject of several debates on the future of the energy sector. That’s why you should pay attention to it from now on.

In the next 30 years, according to experts, 100% of electricity generation will be renewable. Wind and solar sources will gain space, and biomass will play an essential role in guaranteeing firm energy to the electrical system. Hydroelectric plants will still have a large share of generation but will operate flexibly, complementing demand when not supplied by solar photovoltaic and wind sources.

As a result, the electricity matrix will be diversified and, therefore, less dependent on hydroelectric plants. For this, the participation of some renewable sources, such as solar and wind, will increase significantly. This process will include new sources, such as oceanic and hydrogen.

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