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Businesses that write at least one blog post every month have 73% more leads from their website compared to those that don’t. To attract visitors to your site, blogging is a very effective way, provided you follow a few simple rules.

Find a blog post topic

The questions from your customers, your partners or those who follow you are an inexhaustible mine. No need to fiddle with your brains, explain things that seem simple to you and which are questions that the Internet users you want to attract to your site are asking. You probably think that your articles will be common places, they will undoubtedly be for you and your colleagues but for the majority of those to whom you are addressing they will be a precious and useful help. The Bizify Blogs are the best options in this case.

For a tailor-made costume designer, fitting sessions will be the perfect time to capture new ideas for articles to write:

  • “Can we wear brown shoes with a blue suit?” “.
  • “What’s the trend for the jacket?” “.
  • “A bow tie for a wedding, is it chic enough?” “.

In these cases, it is good to have a notebook with a pen or for the more connected among you, a smartphone with the app for example, which allows you to keep an updated notebook of topic ideas.

As a second resort, you can rely on the news. Go to your favorite daily newspaper and grab an article at random yes, at random. With a few exceptions, you should be able to shoot the topic covered in the article at an angle that matches your target.

During the World Cup in South Africa, the company Pasta Party had spoken of the football team mocked and mocked, explaining that to cheer them up, it was ready to organize parties just for them.

Find a keyword to optimize the SEO of your article

The goal of a blog post?

Attract new visitors to your website. In order for it to fulfill its objective, your article must be optimized on a particular keyword, which meets these 3 criteria:

A sufficient volume of searches: To easily determine if this criterion is met, use the Google Adwords keyword generator to see if a significant number of Internet users type this keyword each month (without registration required)

A match with what you offer:

You sell makeup for the carnival, if you decide to reference your article on the keyword “makeup”, you will also attract women looking for makeup, women, who will not buy nothing on your site for which your efforts are wasted.

Accessible competition

In the same way, you want to appear in the first results of search engines and therefore pass in front of other sites. If you choose a keyword that is too competitive (on which media or large groups stand out for example) there is little chance that your content will never be read. One tip is to choose a keyword where companies your size appear in the results of a search for that keyword.

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