SEO Made Simple: A Guide For 2022


It is possible to rank your website higher in search engine results. How can you increase organic traffic by performing SEO? SEO is key to getting higher rankings on search engines results pages for websites. It can be used to provide general information or sell products online. This is SEO-made simple.

What Is SEO?

SEO refers to optimizing and managing a website’s factors in accordance with search engines’ guidelines for higher rankings. This helps drive organic traffic to your site. SEO professionals usually categorize SEO into two categories: On-Page SEO or Off-Page SEO. Let’s take a look at both the On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO sections.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO refers to optimizing a website while you are still on it. It consists of a number of small, but very important factors. Here is a list of On-Page Search Engine Optimization factors:

  • Website content
  • Internal linking
  • Meta tags
  • Meta description
  • Keyword research

This is because search engines favor websites that contain high-quality content. High quality is a term that refers to the uniqueness and originality of content. Content must be accurate, pertinent, and to the point. The Meta tags and Meta descriptions play an important role. It allows search engine users and search engines bots to understand the type of information in the content.

Keywords are search terms that search engine users use to find specific information. Keywords can be further divided into two types: long-tail and short-tail keywords. SEO professionals tend to focus on long-tail keywords because they help gain more organic traffic than short-tail keywords.

Off-Page SEO

SEO, also known as Off-Page SEO, is the process of increasing the value of a website without leaving the site. This is the main factor that will help you rank higher in search engine results.

Although it is easy to create backlinks for your website, it takes some knowledge. Quality backlinks are a measure of the website’s worth from the backlinks. Backlinks can be further divided into two types: do-follow backlinks or no-follow backlinks. Because search engine bots can pass the link juice to linked sites, no-follow backlinks are better for higher rankings. It is important to remember that backlinks must have a balance between do-follow and no-follow backlinks.

No-follow backlinks used to be considered ineffective for ranking purposes. Google announced in a recent update that no-follow backlinks will now be considered ranking indicators. This update improves the value of no-follow backlinks.

A part of Offpage SEO is social media sharing. This helps you make your website visible to many people on social media.


Although SEO is easy, it requires you to take into consideration many factors when optimizing your results. SEO is complex. You need to understand the importance of different factors.

These discussions should help you understand the basics of SEO. For more information on SEO techniques, contact us today.

This post was written by Kristian D’An. Kristian is the owner and SEO Specialist at Lux Digital Marketing, a Clearwater SEO company. Kristian has been optimizing websites successfully for over 7 years. He has helped his clients achieve the #1 position on Google in several different industries.

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