Shapewear Myths and Misconceptions


Shapewear is a form of fashion that aims to create silhouette clarity in ladies and as with any other similar industry, you are bound to come varying impressions. What is shapewear used for? Who should engage and how do you best wear it? Why even wear it to start with? These are all questions that have lead to numerous myths and misconceptions regarding shapewear. Well, we think it’s about time to set these shapewear myths to rest by clearing several things up.

Sizing Myths

People tend to think that the smaller the shapewear, the better, but this could not be further from the truth. Aspirational sizing is a trap that you should avoid when getting into shapewear. Buying a particular size won’t magically help you fit into that dress size you have always wanted. Keep in mind that the role of shapewear is to refine your body shape and smoothen the line. Wearing waist trainers that are too tight will only create bumps and lumps and end up with a worse body outline. Not just that, but you will have to deal with discomfort all day. Shapewear should help boost your confidence, not cause pain.

A size too big will be comfortable, but if you want it to be effective, it needs to be a precise fit. A well-fitting bodysuit or control shorts shouldn’t cause any discomfort. When you go for a level above your fit, the garment will most likely shift and roll as you move, making it even more uncomfortable. Again, you want the garment to compliment your silhouette, not ruin it.

Users Myth

You will often come across people who claim shapewear is for plus size women only. Well, even if a lot of plus-size women own these garments, they are not the only ones who use them. Shapewear isn’t about BMI, but about positive body image. It is all about smoothing your body figure to boost confidence. However, that is not all. Shapewear is also used for comfort and support. When your body is supported by underwear, you tend to get more comfortable.

Shapewear is for Special Occasions Only

There’s a wide variety of shapewear in the market and so, saying it’s just for special events does not make sense. We all have a variety of ”us” in the closet that you can have control slips or any other garment that meets your needs and fits the occasion. As such, there is nothing wrong with being versatile when it comes to shapewear. You can have control briefs that keep you confident in your jeans or a waist trainer that helps you forget about that belly fat when going about your day.

Use Myths

Most people think that shapewear makes you sweaty, and while this was true back in the day, that is no longer the case. These garments are now more malleable and breathable. You can now get high rise control shorts without having to deal with a shoehorn. More importantly, the skin underneath stays healthy. Modern shapewear and design keep your needs and target regions in mind, meaning compression does not have to cause discomfort.

Nowadays, shapewear is simply an element of your wardrobe. It gives you the smooth silhouette you have been dreaming about and this boosts your confidence. Just get the right size and you are ready to go.

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