Should Injured Workers Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer?


Getting hurt on the job often leaves injured employees with many questions. Who will be responsible for their medical bills? What about lost wages? Most employers are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance. When an employee is injured on the job, through no fault of their own, the insurance is supposed to go into effect and pay for any medical care and a portion of the worker’s missed wages, as long as they are unable to work. Unfortunately, the process of seeking fair worker’s compensation benefits is not always easy. When an employer is not being fair, injured victims have the right to hire a Workers compensation lawyer.

What to Do After a Workplace Injury

As soon as someone is injured on the job, they need to immediately contact their supervisor. Depending on the state, injured workers have a certain time to inform their employer. Failure to inform the employer could result in an injured worker forfeiting their right to benefits.

The employer must take action immediately and start the process of filing a claim. An investigation may take place into the cause of the accident. In most cases, the injured worker will be required to see a doctor hired by the employer. Injured workers may also have the right to see their own doctor for treatment.

If the employer denies the claim or tries to fight it, the injured worker needs to seek help from a lawyer. Lawyers become advocates for their injured clients and work to help them get a fair outcome. The lawyer will fight for their client’s rights and ensure the employer and insurance company are held accountable.

Can Injured Workers Sue Their Employers?

In most cases, an injured worker cannot sue their employer when an injury occurs as a result of their job duties. Worker’s compensation laws were put into place to protect the rights of injured workers and employers. Employers must provide worker’s compensation insurance in lieu of being sued.

If there is a third party involved in the cause of the accident, an injury lawyer can help the injured victim learn about their rights and how they can pursue fair compensation. It is imperative injured workers act quickly. Each state has its own statute of limitations that must be followed. Filing a lawsuit past this statute will result in the case being thrown out of court.

Schedule a Consultation

Injured workers have the right to receive fair worker’s compensation benefits when they are injured on the job, through no fault of their own. Those who have been injured need to be aware of the worker’s compensation laws in their state and their rights to benefits.

Scheduling a consultation appointment with the lawyer is a wise idea, even if the employer seems willing to provide benefits. Call today if you would like to schedule an appointment. Meeting with the lawyer allows injured victims to learn about the strength of their case, their rights, and the steps involved in seeking fair worker’s compensation benefits for their injuries and missing wages.

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