Smartest Solutions for the Gold Bullion Buying


Gold is the ultimate safe haven asset, a product that by its nature never devalues excessively and that is resistant over time. So the sale of used gold is an extremely widespread reality in our cities: but not everyone knows when to sell used gold and therefore what is the best time to sell jewels

How do you know when to sell used gold? It is not an easy question. In fact, the value of gold is subject to market prices, established in London twice a day, and always changing. These are not collapses or excessive rises in value, but they can make a difference on a jewel or a gold necklace, so they shouldn’t be underestimated either. Here is the Best place to sell gold bullion for you.

  • The truth is that, as always, the market is unpredictable and, therefore, knowing when it’s time to sell used gold is not at all obvious.
  • The general rule, therefore, is to sell when you notice that the market prices are slightly above average.

The cost of gold in recent years has devalued as a result of the crisis. So, if until some time ago a gram of pure 24 karat gold was sold for more than 30 euros per gram, today this is no longer the case. Furthermore, jewelery gold is not pure, but 18 carat and therefore subject to a lower cost, which is between 17 and 19 euros per gram. So here are some useful tips.

Our advice on when to sell used gold

Never leave unprepared. Always check from home what the gold price is. To know when to sell used gold, you must first evaluate the market trend and the current price, perhaps keeping an eye on it for some time.

How to know what will be the price of jewelry gold?

The latter is 18-karat gold, so to get its exact value you have to take into account the value of the gold on the stock exchange (the 24-karat one, or very pure) and subtract 35% of the value to get the gold price.

The price of used gold is defined worldwide, the metal dealer or gold buyers cannot invent it, and so he doubts prices too above or too below the average.

  • The answer to the question “when to sell used gold?” is that it mostly depends on you. If you want to wait for a better chance, you will need to be willing to keep an eye on gold prices for several weeks, months or maybe years. If, on the other hand, you are urgent, sell gold on a day when prices are no lower than average and don’t expect sudden increases in value, which probably won’t happen.


Therefore, we must not create false expectations regarding the amount that can be obtained with the gold used. When we read very high prices we are certainly faced with an unclear communication from the potential buyer: not necessarily a scam, but certainly an unclear communication. There will certainly be heavy taxes or requirements that are very difficult to support to reach that figure.

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