Steps Associated With Successful Business Formation In Dubai


Dubai offers a lot of opportunities to start-ups and entrepreneurs. To attract more investments, the Dubai Economic Development is helping business owners to set up their companies in Dubai. You can establish your business in Dubai, either in the Dubai mainland or free zones.

There has never been a better time for establishing your company in Dubai. Company formation in Dubai is pretty simple and straightforward if you are aware of the proper steps. Right now, the growth projections of the UAE are pretty impressive, which augurs well for entrepreneurs.

Business formation in Dubai is a speedy process with the presence of strong incentives. The free zones are popular with foreign investors because of varied reasons.

As a foreign investor, you will get 100% company ownership and 100% import and export tax exemptions. So here are the steps associated with successful business formation.

Select your Business Activity Properly

The nature of your business usually has a bearing on which free zones you can set up. For instance, in some free zones, you can only establish certain types of businesses.

You should consider the transport condition too. If your company relies a great deal on export and import, you should opt for a free zone near ports or airports.

Selecting the Name of your Company

Note that the UAE has some strict conventions. Hence, before you decide on a company name, ensure it complies with the standards set by the authorities. For instance, any name with offensive language is not allowed.

Moreover, if you wish to name your business after a person, that person must be a partner. That’s why; hiring a business set-up expert is important here. A business set-up expert will be able to help you with proper business names.

Importance of Incorporation Documents

Never undermine the importance of company incorporation documents in Dubai. You have to complete an application for your selected company name and activity. If there are shareholders, you have to submit their passport copies to the authorities.

If you are setting up business in a free zone, you will need to submit additional documents. For instance, establishing a company in a free zone requires you to submit a business plan and NOC. At times, paperwork can be quite taxing. Appointing business set-up experts will help you greatly with company formation in Dubai.

Other Steps related to Successful Company Formation

Here are some other steps associated with successful company formation.

  • Recognise the specific economic activities of your company
  • Financial and legal requirements depend a great deal on your company’s economic activities
  • Notarising the Memorandum of Association
  • Obtaining the Establishment Card for labour and immigration departments

As a dynamic hub for entrepreneurs, setting up a business in Dubai is pretty easy. However, company formation is a critical process that should be supervised by experts. Appointing business formation experts will help you to form your company easily.

The business setup consultants at Emirabiz are always eager to listen to your requirements. If you want to establish a new business in Dubai, contact them at the earliest.

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