Technical SEO & New Technologies That You Must Know and Evolve for Your Business Websites


Practical applications of machine learning, AI, and automation for next-level technical SEO strategies…

SEO strategies and technical SEO practices have been evolving over the years. From the days when it is was all about keyword usage, good promotional content, and then came the social media craze; today, the SEO field is incredibly complex and more dynamic.

Fernando Raymond says, “I’ve been doing SEO since 2014 every single day”. So and this is an article written in Fernando’s words. 

So, know about SEO and how SEO works. When things change, I adapt and work it out to achieve higher ranking on Google for our clients with authentic content marketing. 

Let met tell you a story about SEO techniques and some new technologies that you must know and evolve for your business websites to rank higher on Google. 

Read this guide till the end and you will get to see how my though process works and how I see SEO in future. You must adapt and use these SEO techniques for your business websites. If you wan to skip this, jump inside the online SeekaHost University

  • Tips and strategies that were the Holy Grail of SEO yesterday are at the bottom of the list today. 
  • We live in the age of artificial intelligence where machines are increasingly being used to interact with us in ways that were only imaginable in science fiction some years back.
  •  Here in the UK, more and more businesses are embracing AI, automation, and use of machines. It is a global phenomenon that’s flowing across the whole world.
  •  PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) has predicted that by 2030, Artificial Intelligence is expected to inject over 12.4 Trillion Pounds into the global economy.
  •  As businesses and enterprises try to digest this fact, you too have to think of ways to embrace not just AI, but all the other technological features that are imminent. 

“Once in a generation a disruptive technology arrives and changes everything. For this generation, it is artificial intelligence.

“The real risk UK businesses face is not embracing AI and the productivity benefits it can provide,” says SAP Cloud ERPs chief revenue officer, Melissa Di Donato. 

Well, I couldn’t have put it better. I mean, the UK’s next industrial revolution will primarily be driven by Artificial intelligence.  In a recent survey by YouGov, done on behalf of The Telegraph and Brother UK, about 45% of IT decision makers agreed that in the next three years, we are likely to see AI embraced by more businesses.

How does this affect your UK business?

  • The next level SEO practices from ClickDo are advanced and bent on equipping your business to thrive in a digitally advanced future. Voice searches are one great example. 
  • The number of users relying on voice to search for results (rather than typing) is ever growing. This growth is driven by the fact that voice searches are almost three times faster.  
  • Major search engines have voice assistants that use voices to find the results a user is looking for.  As a website, it is essential to ensure that your site is well optimised to find ‘favour’ with such voice assistants. 
  • Remember that once a user speaks, the voice assistant doesn’t have the brain or cognitive ability to think about the request. Instead, they’ll use the contents of your site and what you’ve displayed publicly to decide whether your site be helpful to the user, or not.
  • This is the reason we always like reminding clients that having well-structured content, having proper and precise Citation of your business; these will go a long way in helping you achieve top ranking. 
  • SEO is all about top ranking, voice search optimisation being one of the latest SEO technical tools being used to realise this. 
  • ClickDo has a wealth of experience in the evolving world of SEO.  In 2019, we hope to utilise the latest technologies including the use of machine learning to help UK businesses move to the next level.

Significant benefits of machine learning, AI and automation.

  • Artificial intelligence is expected to help many small UK businesses punch way above their weight; doing more with little, without having to dig so deep into their pockets. 
  • London is a major global financial hub. Most financial institutions in the City have embraced automation to communicate and transact with their clients. 
  • Embracing new technology helps businesses cut operational costs; they can achieve more with less. 
  • Besides, it enhances the customer experience because unlike a human who may need to take constant breaks or be unavailable at night; automated systems operate round the clock.
  •  Regardless of the size of your business or its nature, automation and machine learning will help you take your biz to new levels. 
  •  Soon, you will not even need to pick up that phone to respond to a customer calling with queries and enquiries; an automated system will do that much better. 
  • Some users already report that they find automated systems faster, easier to engage when compared to humans. 
  •  These systems rely on artificial intelligence; unless the user answers or asks the fundamental questions preprogrammed into the system, then they won’t be of much help. 

In Summary.

There is no better way to position your business for the future than to embrace AI in your day to day company operations. 

The transition is mostly done on your business website, and this is our area of specialty that you can see at SeekaHost.  



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