The Easiest Online Business In 2020


There are tons of online businesses out there.

Some are more difficult than others, and often people jump into the harder online businesses which they then fail at.

That is why today we will cover what the easiest online business is that you can start in 2020.

Let’s think about it for a second… What makes an online business “easy”?

Here are some factors that I believe affect the ease of an online business:

Work Involved

Knowledge needed

Skills needed

Entry barrier

Money needed

When we look at those factors, there is only one business that comes to mind that doesn’t need a ton of all those factors.

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What Is the Easiest Online Business?

Affiliate Marketing…

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it is when you sell someone else’s product through your tracking link.

When a trading is made you make a commission.

That means you don’t need:

Your own product



Or anything else that might come with having your own product.

All you need to do is sell someone else’s product through your tracking link.

However, there are a few more steps that you need to learn.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Before you go into learning affiliate marketing, you should first choose the method that you want to use.

There are thousands of different ways to earn affiliate commissions, and they all work.

Methods include:

Growing a social media following

Growing a YouTube channel

Using Paid ads

Creating a blog

There are tons of different ways out there, and you can choose one that you like.

If you are unsure with what methods to start, I recommend heading over to Five Star Funnel.

Five Star Funnel is a great place to read up on affiliate marketing, but also to learn about different methods that you can use to start earning affiliate commissions.

There are guides on free methods as well as paid methods, so I recommend you head over there at some point and have a look if you are unsure, or you just want to learn about affiliate marketing.

Other than that, you can also have a look at YouTube and watch some videos.

Doing that you can also learn tons of different methods that a lot of top affiliates are using to earn affiliate commissions.

Lastly, you can also buy a course and learn that way. The benefit of buying a course is often that the quality of the Information is a little higher and that you don’t have to put together the puzzle yourself.

However, a lot of these courses can be quite expensive, so if you would prefer to just learn off YouTube or Blogs such as Five Star Funnel then that is fine also.

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3 Easiest Affiliate Marketing Methods

Next, we are going to cover three easiest affiliate marketing methods that you can use.

They all are a little different to each other but they all work.

If you do choose one of these, I recommend that you watch some YouTube videos or read some articles about them. Reading one article is not enough to learn affiliate marketing.

Method 1: Instagram Theme Page

The way this works is that you choose a certain niche (for example, weight loss) and then you create an Instagram page around that niche.

You then upload daily and grow that Instagram account by following loads of people who are interested in that niche every day. Once, you have built up an audience you can then go on and sell them products with your affiliate link.

Cost: Free

Time & Effort: Medium

Earning Potential: Medium

Method 2: YouTube Channel or Blog

Next, we have creating a YouTube channel or blog, these are pretty similar to one another.

The main difference between them is that with YouTube you create videos and that with blogging you are writing content.

However, there are a few other differences as well which include:

Blogging usually cost around $60 a year due to hosting. YouTube is free

Blogging involves a little more SEO knowledge.

Other than that, they are pretty similar. The process for both is the same, you create content around a product, and you link to the product with an affiliate link.

Content Ideas could include:

Product X Review

Product X Demo

How to Do X (Then in the content link to a product which they will need in order to do what they searched for)

For example, you create a video showing people how to create a blog.

In this video, however, you say that in order to start a blog, you will need hosting which you can get here (with your affiliate link). Now whenever somebody clicks it and buys, you earn a commission.

Cost: Free – Low

Time & Effort: Medium – High

Earning Potential: Very High!

Method 3: Paid Advertising + Email Marketing

Our next method involves using paid advertisements and email marketing.

The way I like to do this, is by giving away a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is something that you give away for free, in order to get your leads email address, which you then send to their email.

This can be a course, an e-book, a pdf file or whatever you want.

Now, let’s say our niche is weight loss again.

We run Facebook ads to our landing page, where our visitors can get 20 Effective Weight loss tips for free by entering their email.

Once they have entered their email, your email marketing software will automatically send them the 20 free weight loss tips. They will have their weight loss tips and you will have an email list filled with people interested in weight loss products.

Now, in the coming days afterwards, you still have their email. That means you can send them more free stuff such as tips or similar content, but you can also presell them or tease them about an affiliate product that you are selling.

Once you have done that, you can send out another email selling your affiliate product, and if they don’t buy there, you can remind them a day or two later.

Then in the future you can sell them something else, that’s how to increase the lifetime value of a customer.

Cost: Medium To High

Time: Low

Effort: Medium

Earning Potential: High

Final Words

Although affiliate marketing is the easiest online business that there is, it will still require some work, time, effort and dedication.


Because it is a real online business, you can’t simply press a few buttons, this is a serious business.

That means whatever method you might choose to go with, you will still need to read up on it and learn it because just reading one single article will not educate you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

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