The Importance of Brand Identity for SEO


Brand identity and SEO can have a mutually beneficial relationship, but only if it’s done right. Seo can help brand awareness, and brand awareness can boost SEO efforts. 

What is meant by brand identity?

When marketers use the term brand identity, they refer to everything unique for this brand. This uniqueness refers to the colours, fonts, logos and other visual elements used to represent that brand. These visual elements are those things people associate with your brand and remember it by. 

Why does brand identity matter?

Brand identity is important because that’s how your customers will remember you and recognise you. It’s what makes a brand stand out from other brands that offer a similar product. A brand is as unique as its brand identity. It also creates a connection between the customers and your brand. Your brand identity is what a customer will recognise and look for in a shopping market aisles. 

What is SEO?

SEO is a set of practices that helps your website rank higher in search engine results. Just having a website isn’t enough to get found on Google. However, in the case of a strong brand identity, it might indeed be enough. But, a strong brand identity still needs to include search engine optimisation in its marketing strategy and we’ll tell you exactly why. 

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How does one affect the other?

Strong brand identity also means that people trust your brand and recognise it among others. If you’re well-recognised, you’ll probably have some organic traffic coming your way. But, you also need to fine-tune your website to confirm to Google that your website is a reliable source of information. Additionally, these two go well with each other, so why not use SEO to further your brand reach, awareness and recognition? 

Brand recognition

When a brand is well-recognised, it will get more searches. But, when you employ SEO strategies and optimise your website for speed, user experience and conversion, you can use the existing brand recognition to boost SEO. When your website appears among search results, people will recognise the brand and click on your website. 

Brand awareness

SEO strategy can also help you build brand awareness or just boost it a bit. The most beautiful thing about this is that the increase in brand awareness will come organically. The best results are achieved if you work side by side with an SEO company near you. So, if you’re an Australian brand, you can work with an SEO company Adelaide. When all the right SEO strategies are put into practice, you can have more people learning about your brand, because it will appear among search results. 

Higher organic reach

Whether your brand identity is strong or you’re using SEO to build your brand awareness, the result will be an increase in organic reach. The entire idea behind a search engine optimisation strategy is to enable your website to climb up the ranks. When your website ranks better than it previously did, it will be more easily discoverable online by people searching for relevant keywords. So, a brand identity is important for SEO and SEO is important for brand identity as it helps the website get higher organic reach. 

People will search more often

When the brand has a strong brand identity it will lead to higher brand awareness thus it will also get more searches. People will search more often for your brand, so you can use branded keywords to get traffic to your website. And it also benefits your SEO strategy as you will work on your website to improve user experience and satisfaction. 

Boost in traffic

When a brand gets a continuous boost in traffic, it will also impact the website’s conversion rate. The more traffic you get, the more your website will convert and deliver your marketing goals. SEO tactics are used to get your brand a boost in traffic. When the website is optimised for relevant keywords, your website will appear more often among search engine results. This way you will get a new wave of website visitors, those who did not look you up by your brand’s name. They found you through a search. As a result, your SEO efforts will have a positive impact on your brand identity as more people will learn about your business and your brand.

Better website experience

Until you start working on your SEO strategy, you won’t even know that your website can be improved. These improvements lead to a faster website, one that can be easily navigated, a lower bounce rate because you’ll have redirects implemented and many others. Each website is different, so the extent of optimisation will depend on the percentage of problems that have to be improved.

The goal is to have a better user experience and it can be achieved with SEO. when a user has a positive website experience, they will then associate this with your brand. If they can achieve their goal with ease on your website, the emotions they associate with your brand will only be positive. It’s worth mentioning that a positive website experience also leads to higher conversion value. 

Higher click-through rates

Brand identity plays a significant role in your click-through rate. Let’s say that you appear on page one of Google, but your competition is ranked number one. Those who recognise your brand will click on your website, even if it’s not ranked as the first website. This is because people searching for a search term that is relevant to you decided to click on your website based on brand recognition, not search engine rankings that are invisible to them. 

You’ll earn backlinks

Well-recognised brands that have amazing pieces of content will get more backlinks. People will decide to cite you within their articles as they value your brand and the recognition you have. These backlinks will be earned based on the value people assign to your brand and that’s something Google recognises as well. 

If you’ve been wondering about the connection between brand identity and SEO, we’ve given you many reasons to recognise that the one exists. They both affect each other and lead to better organic results.




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