The Importance of Monitoring Your SEO Statistics Constantly


SEO is not a once-off thing. You can’t just optimize all of your content and then leave it out to dry. You must come back to it constantly or your content will get out of date.

There are a few things that you need to check more often than others. Take a look!

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Crawl Errors

As time goes by, certain links may break. These will cause crawl errors, such as a forbidden 404 page. Having these on your website is highly damaging to your ranking. If Google’s crawlers find these while navigating your website, your content will definitely not make it to the first page of a search engine results page.

Checking Your Keyword Usage

While all of your keywords will be optimized, they won’t necessarily all be useful. You need to check how often people are searching for your keywords. Those that are not being searched often may need to be switched out for others.

Your older keywords may be out of date. The topic that was popular back then may no longer be interesting. You should either replace these keywords with more popular ones or delete the old content and write a completely new piece of content.

Most Often Visited Pages

You should pay attention to which pages are gaining you the most traffic. These pages will likely have something in common that is making them popular.

Typically, your older pages bring in more traffic. When this is the case, it is a good idea to interlink those popular pages with less popular ones. This way, people are more likely to find this newer content. Eventually, you should be gaining more traffic to these as well as the older ones. This is also another way to learn what topics are out of date when a high-traffic page suddenly stops gaining traffic.

The more you keep up with your optimization strategies, the better chance you have of reaching and remaining as a top-ranked website. Good luck and happy optimizing!

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