The Power Of Social Media Branding


Companies have seen the influence of social media on sales, brand awareness and customer loyalty. With millions of people on these platforms, it makes sense why social media marketing should be a part of your marketing strategy. Just as important as using social media to promote your company is having brand consistency on those sites. As you develop your social media accounts, never forget the power of branding.

What Is Brand Consistency?

Brand consistency is the process of staying relatively the same across all outlets. Customers want to know what your company stands for. This can be done through the messaging, tone, colors and fonts you use. As you keep these things consistent, people will begin to trust your business and recognize you in a crowd of social media posts. Check How to Write a Marketing Blog Post

Why Is Branding Important?

Branding your company helps in several ways. The first is customer awareness. People will soon come to know your logo, your colors and what your company stands for. For example, most people know that Nike is all about getting active and being fearless. How do they know that? By the logo, tone of messaging and the similar ads the company has created over the years.

Another important reason to focus on branding is to keep customers from interpreting your company. If you send mixed signals, you’ll get mixed signals back. It’s best to stick with one thing and reach out to a target market that appreciates the same values and ideals.

Branding Tips For Social Media

If you need help branding your social media accounts, stick with the basics. Make sure customers can recognize your company by your profile picture and name. All of your posts and captions should reflect your company. Even videos that you or video marketing companies like Jukin Media produce should reflect your brand’s style.

How do you accomplish this? Develop a brand guide that your social media team can use to keep everything consistent. This is a great thing to have for anyone who publishes content or media for your company. Lay down the guidelines and what to avoid. Also include a color palette and particular fonts you want to see.

To effectively reach out to your customers, you need to know who they are. Create marketing personas for each social media platform you use. Some platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat may be younger audiences. Knowing which personas will be using which networks will help you narrow down what to post about. Social media marketing plays a big role in finding new leads and getting customers to buy products. You’ll want to connect with your target market in the best ways that you can.

As you start building your brand, start measuring the results. Are you getting more followers? Are those followers acting on your calls to action more frequently? Study what is and isn’t working, and keep tweaking your branding plan. Brand consistency is important, but it can take time to take effect. As you use social media to help your company, remember that each post should feel, look and reflect your business.




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