Things that an Idaho auto accident lawyer can do for you!


People often behave irrationally and negligently on the roads of Idaho. Reckless driving, drunk driving, distracted driving, and sheer negligence – These are way too common than we think. As a result of someone’s neglect behind the wheels, you may end up in an accident that wasn’t your fault (at least entirely). Since Idaho is a fault state, you can expect to get compensated for your losses caused by the other party. The question is whether you should consider hiring an attorney for the claim. Here are some of the important things that a Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer can do for you. 

  • Investigate the accident. Although the statute of limitations in Idaho allows two years to file an injury lawsuit against the other party, you have to act immediately to preserve evidence. Remember that no one would want to admit fault, and it is quite likely that you may end up taking the blame for the accident. Your accident lawyer can investigate the accident and gather evidence to prove fault and liability. 
  • Gather documents. Your lawyer is also in charge of preparing for an accident lawsuit if needed. For that, they will gather and check your medical reports along with other documents, including accident reports. 
  • Talk to witnesses. If there were witnesses to the accident, your lawyer would talk to them to gather statements and ensure that there is enough photographic evidence of the crash. They may also talk to others to get videos of the accident. 
  • Work with your medical providers. Once you have hired an attorney, they will work on the case so that all your medical expenses are covered. This may mean working directly with doctors and medical providers to document your injuries. 
  • Deal with insurance providers. Don’t assume that the insurance company will be fair with your claim. All insurance providers work for profits, and they often try ways to minimize what they pay in settlements. You can expect the lawyer will negotiate and communicate with insurance companies, including your insurer, on your behalf, as needed. 

While accident claims are settled outside of court in Idaho, insurance companies may make things hard. Also, when the offered settlement is less than what you deserve, your lawyer may go to court to file a car accident lawsuit. It’s like having a team to look into your interests as you recover from the blow of the crash. It’s wise to call an attorney soon after the accident.

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