Tips Before Buying IN Solar Panel Sales services


With the rapid expansion of solar energy production and the available tax credit, many households and businesses are considering solar investments. However, there are a few things you should understand before you invest in solar panels New Jersey.

Number of Panels

You should first determine how much of your electricity bill you want to eliminate. Then, identify your average and maximum electricity consumption each month. Your location will determine how much sun you receive during each season or month.

Your solar panel’s efficiency should be known as well. You need to know the maximum amount of energy each panel will produce and compare that to your average and maximum energy consumption. Once you have these figures, a reputable solar company can help you determine the number of panels you need.

Bill Credit

Next, you should contact your local electricity provider. Ask if they offer bill credits for the solar energy you produce. You may produce more power than you need during some months of the year and less than you need during others. A tax credit is determined by the amount of power you create minus the amount you use. In months when you use more than you create, such as winter months, you can use your credits rather than having to pay for the energy you need from the power company.

Your other option is to store your excess energy in a battery storage system. Your home may or may not be connected to the grid if you have a battery backup. If you are not attached to the electrical grid, make sure you produce enough energy to meet your needs.


If you are installing the panels on your roof, you should have it inspected and any damage repaired. In addition, a structural engineer should inspect your roof to determine whether its current structure can support the weight of the panels.

If you are considering an investment in solar energy, consult with a reputable solar company.

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