Top 6 Surveillance System Best Practices


Video surveillance is one of the top-most modes of ensuring safety and security of any premises. Today, most urban homes tend to have CCTV cameras installed since these can help in protecting the family and offering safety assurance at all times. While surveillance systems can be extremely helpful, there are many factors to be considered while installing them.

Here are the top 6 surveillance system best practices that can be followed for optimum results.

Assess Various Entry Points

A security breach will not repeat the same way as a previous one. Hence, you must carefully assess the various entry points that could be susceptible to intrusion and accordingly place CCTV cameras at the right spots. The front and back doors are two of the most important places to consider apart from other entry points that you can identify.

Floor Height Is an Important Consideration

The safety of the surveillance system is as important as the capturing of events. Hence, while placing a surveillance system, always consider the height so that it does not come in easy reach of any intruders. This way, you can be assured that all incidents are captured after installing the CCTV camera.

Focus on High Image Quality

Always go for high image quality from CCTV cameras to make your investment worth the money. Since these are often one-time investments, it makes sense to go for quality products. An incident could be captured by the surveillance system, but it could be meaningless if the image or video quality is not up to the mark.

Install CCTVs Such That They Cover the Best Angles

A camera placed in the wrong direction could be as good as having none. Hence, while installing and monitoring surroundings through CCTV cameras, you must consider the angles that they are placed in. You may want to constantly check for the best angle alternative even after you have installed it.

Hiding Spots

You can choose to hide CCTV cameras to keep any intruders unaware and capture incidents when needed. This could be especially helpful when you are away from home for a long duration and want to ensure its safety at all times.

Place Cameras in Visible Sight

Sometimes the visibility of CCTV cameras could deter intruders and prevent any incidents from occurring, especially when there is fear of being caught. Hence, you can consider keeping them in plain sight for better security.

It is the day and age of surveillance cameras and using them makes utmost sense, especially in ensuring continued safety and security.



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