Trampolines Just the Way You Need Them To Be


Especially important is the presence of the mesh on the models for outdoor installation, since they have a large height. In any case, the grid will protect against injury if even an older user does not coordinate their jump well. In the trampoline blog you can have the perfect support.

Benefits of Springfree Trampolines

Spingfree are some of the safest trampolines. They are intended for leisure of the whole family, do not contain solid parts, and the frame and shock absorbers are hidden under the canvas. Therefore, it is almost impossible to get injured while jumping. For young children, they can be used as a temporary playpen, due to the high safety net. Spingfree makes a wide range of trampolines of various sizes, heights and shapes – from small home games for children to street-sized games. The company confirms the quality and reliability of its products with many international certificates and diplomas. You can get acquainted with the products in the catalog.

  • Which trampoline to choose is an individual decision. The main thing is not to forget about safety measures.
  • They are installed mainly on the street or in large rooms with high ceilings.

They are divided into the following types:

  • mini
  • street
  • homework
  • large
  • having additional slides or a pool.

Frame or tension

Consist of a mesh or fabric tightly stretched over a sturdy frame. This type of trampoline is very diverse:

Indoor frame

They have short legs (twenty to thirty centimeters high) and a spring block. This design of the trampoline for the home allows you to provide the required amplitude for the depth of sagging and eliminates the possibility of an impact on the ceiling.

Indoor trampolines


Designed to entertain children

Such a trampoline is comfortable and safe, small and inexpensive, but not too “jumping”. It is designed for simple and low jumps.



They are used both for home training and for classes in the gym or on the street. Such a trampoline allows you to perform quite complex jumps, and also several people can use it simultaneously.


Designed for training professional athletes and performing various tricks. They are a rectangular design with a fabric mesh stretched over it. They are distinguished by high strength and jumping ability – they can throw an athlete 10 meters high, have a collapsible design and a large area.


These models are designed for outdoor use jumping outdoors. Suitable for training and entertainment. There are modifications of various sizes and shapes: round, rectangular, square and even octagonal. On a trampoline, one or several people can be engaged.

You can buy a street trampoline with a net and various game accessories, depending on how old your children are. The height of the legs of the trampolines is from sixty to ninety centimeters, and a ladder is used to enter the playing area.

Mini trampolines

Mini trampolines for kids

Tension trampoline for young children is a kind of game trampoline

It has the appearance of a small arena with a base stretched over the frame and surrounded by a protective mesh around the perimeter (the weight of the structure is 6-16 kg).

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