What Does a Lawyer Consider When Creating a Criminal Defense Plan?


Defense lawyers will look at each case individually to create a plan to help their client get a better outcome. Each case is different, so the defense plan for each will be unique, as well. When a lawyer is considering the defense plan for their client, there are numerous factors they will consider. Every one of these is important and will help the lawyer determine what they can do to help their client.

The Charges the Client is Facing

The defense plan for a drug charge will be different from a defense plan for an assault charge. The overall goal may be the same, but the charges themselves are different, as are the types of evidence against the client. The lawyer will consider the standard defenses against that specific charge as well as any more unique defense that may apply when determining what steps to take going forward.

The Evidence Against the Client

No matter if there’s a lot of evidence or just a little bit, all of it needs to be carefully considered in the defense plan. Depending on the evidence and how it was collected, the defense plan could include having some or all of the evidence dismissed. If this isn’t possible, the lawyer will need to consider how they’ll defend against the evidence at trial.

Witness Testimony For or Against the Client

Witness testimonies, whether they’re for or against the client, will need to be considered carefully. Though witness accounts can be unreliable, if there is a chance the witness could take the stand or that their evidence will be used in court, it will need to be accounted for in any defense plan the lawyer uses.

The Client’s Account of What Happened

The client will want to be honest with their lawyer, as this helps the lawyer know what to expect during a trial and will have an effect on the defense plan. The client’s account of what happened and the type of person they are, for instance, may mean the client takes the stand during the trial. If the lawyer doesn’t believe this will be a good idea for a case, they will not have the client take the stand.

Potential Outcomes for the Case

There are a variety of different outcomes possible for any type of case. If the lawyer believes it’s possible to plead guilty and have the sentence reduced, they’re going to create a different defense plan to a situation where they believe the case will go to trial and their client is likely to be convicted.

Every case is different, so the defense plan and the actions taken by the lawyer to help their client will differ. If you’ve been charged with a crime, talk to a Criminal defense attorney about your case, the possible defense plans, and what could happen as a result. They’ll be able to review the case and any evidence, then help you come up with a defense plan that’s going to help you get a much better outcome and avoid the maximum penalties if you’re convicted.

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