What Kind of Signage Options You Can Opt for


Ensuring worker safety is one of the top priorities of an office. Within the prevention of occupational risks and security in offices, one of the most important aspects is signage. Carrying out a correct signaling of the workplace is mandatory and doing it in the wrong way is punished with significant financial penalties.

That is why it is advisable to pay attention to the regulations that require keeping everything perfectly indicated, especially in large companies. For high quality signage this is essential.

Signage rules for an office

All the regulations specific to the signaling of a workspace are included in Royal Decree. These Decrees establish the basic signage that any office or work area must have to guarantee the safety of its employees, clients or any person.

The amount and types of signs that an office must include depends on the meters of the office, the specific risks that the office has and the type of activity that is carried out, as well as the sector .

These Royal Decrees establish the places where luminous signs are mandatory, with high luminescence being mandatory in public places such as schools while those with lower luminescence can be used in the rest of the installations.

What are the main types of signs in an office

There are a wide variety of office signs , so choosing the right sign can be a difficult task . Next, we will show you the main types of signs that an office should include and what each one means.

Evacuation signs

As their name suggests, these signs are used to indicate emergency exits and evacuation routes in case of danger. They have a green background, white pictograms and a square design.

Fire protection signs

These signs are placed near the fire-fighting elements to facilitate their location in the event of a fire. As in the previous case, they have a rectangular shape, but their color is red.

Prohibition signs

Prohibition signs have a rounded white design and a black pictogram. In addition, they present a descending band in red to convey the idea of ​​prohibition.

Warning signs

They have a triangular shape with a yellow background color with black borders and pictograms. They are used to warn of the existence of possible risks for the worker.

Where to place an office signage

Office signs should always be placed in a position where they receive light so that they can emit their own light whenever necessary. Regarding their height, they have to be between 2 and 2.5 meters, but with a margin of 0.30 m from the ceiling.

Likewise, the place where they are installed must be visible from anywhere in the office. In large offices, signs tend to be larger and are positioned higher to facilitate viewing.Regarding the types of signs, exit and evacuation signs are placed in the upper area of ​​the doors. While the distress signals, they always have to be located on the surface of the signposted element.


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