When To Use Disability Employment Services Providers


Disability Employment Services providers are experts at what they do. It is their job to connect people with disability to prospective employers in their industries. This service provides direct support, working directly with people with disability to help them become ‘job ready in their life. Over the years, DES providers have supported people across Australia with ranging disabilities so that they can join the workforce with confidence. They have also delivered advice, support and a range of innovative practices and recruitment solutions to employers. In addition, the National Disability Recruitment Coordinator can help link employers to the extensive national network of providers to ensure every staff member has the support they may need in the workplace. Read on to find out a bit more about these services and supports.

How Do DES Solutions work?

The main focus is to deliver solutions to the employee and employer, ensuring they receive the necessary assistance to address any potential workplace barriers you may be facing. They also provide access to the necessary support to ensure the candidate’s success in their role. This support is available during and for some time after the recruitment phase to ensure that your working space is suited to your needs and you are capable and comfortable within it. Whether as an employee or employer, working with these care professionals help to ensure that the space is right and supportive for all people struggling with these limitations. 

DIS Offering

This support system offers training information and awareness-raising activities about disability for managers and co-workers. The professional can also help develop job descriptions that clarify roles and better support the onboarding of new employees with disabilities. On-the-job or off-site training and support also need to be a part of this process to ensure new employees with daily struggles like these settle into their positions well. There is also a need for on-the-job training and support for employees with disability throughout their employment period. DES providers can support employers at each step of the employment journey to ensure employees can thrive within their careers. 

The Support

For instance, a DES provider will give potential employers a professional résumé for their applicants, including current references, during the application process. In addition, the DES provider will offer information about any reasonable adjustments an applicant might need during an interview or on the job. They will also communicate with the business owner on how they will support their participation in the workplace once hired and what support they are entitled to. 

Disability employment services providers are professionals dedicated to creating a comfortable, manageable working environment for you. With the right support systems, you can ensure your working life is manageable and without limitations. Contact us today to find out more about these support systems. 



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