Who Is Liable When Someone Gets Injured On Your Property?


When someone gets injured by a slip and fall accident on your property, it can be a stressful time for you. The law states that all homeowners must keep their premises safe from hazards and remove any items that may prove to be harmful. If they cannot remove it at the right time, the landlord must put a warning sign nearby to help people avoid that particular area. 

However, there are still ways to protect your rights. If you think you have done nothing wrong, you can seek justice with the help of a Wyoming personal injury lawyer

Am I liable for someone else’s injury on my property?

In short, yes. If a customer, visitor, guest, or (sometimes) trespasser gets injured on your property, then you are liable to pay for their injuries. The victim may be able to file a personal injury slip and fall claim against you. However, whether you are actually liable will depend on whether the visitor had a right to be on your property. For example, if a burglar enters your property and gets hurt, you may not be liable for paying their damages. 

What to do after the injury occurs?

As soon as the accident occurs, make sure to show them concern and care but do not, at any cost, admit your guilt. Instead, do not try to make it seem like it is anybody’s fault. Observe the condition of the victim and figure out if you should call the ambulance. Call the ambulance without wasting another minute if the fall has resulted in a fracture or involves lots of blood. 

Gathering evidence during such times can be challenging. However, when your guest or customer injures themself on your property, you two become two parties. Taking photos of the accident site and their injuries can prove helpful in court later and prevent the victim from making false claims. 

If the injuries are terrible, you may want to call the police. Getting the police involved in such matters may seem ridiculous if you have a close personal relationship with the victim. However, you never know when your friend or family member may turn against you in court. Therefore, the police must come to the accident scene and document everything. Police reports serve as great evidence in court for calculating fair compensation. 

When can a trespasser sue me?

It is natural not to want to compensate for the injuries of people who forcefully break into your house without your permission. In most cases, you probably won’t have to pay any trespassers. However, if you were aware of them for a long time and if you created the hazard willfully to hurt them, you are liable in the eyes of the court. 

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