Why Do Companies Look To Agencies For Recruitment?



If you are looking for workers to fill chairs, you might want to use a recruitment agency. There are many services you could use. But which should you choose and how can you get the best deal?

However, the majority of the cost is related to the recruitment process. These include the time that HR staff and managers spend discussing the open position; advertising; screening; interviewing; reviewing background checks; and re-interviewing. These steps are frequently repeated by HR departments to make it difficult to restart the process. If you have a dedicated staff recruiter, you know how much it will cost annually. The cost of hiring is just the tip.

Why would you want to use a recruitment agency instead? In-house recruiting is often not the best way to invest your resources, especially for small companies. Without a dedicated recruiter, you are taking valuable work time from your other staff members. This can impact your bottom line. A Best Practice Recruitment Agency Australia for the right candidate (not just a list of applicants) might be the way you should go if you want to get more bang for your buck.


Understanding The Hiring Needs Of Companies

It is essential that you understand your hiring needs before you sign up for a recruiting agency.

Infrequently A dedicated recruiter in your team is not a good idea if you don’t hire often – only once or twice each year. An agency can find the right candidate for you, and they will screen and ensure that it happens. You’ll have little to no work. Meet with candidates to make sure they’re the right fit for your job and hire them.

Maybe you hire a lot – perhaps once a month. One person might do most of your recruiting. They may be trained to screen candidates and interview them compliantly. CareerBuilder reports that it’s possible to get 75 resumes in a given job posting. That’s quite a lot to screen. Even if you are only able to spend five minutes per resume/cover letter, which is quite generous, you’ll be spending over six hours reviewing them in your quest for a great candidate.

According to the same survey, 78 percent of recruiters said that at least half of their resumes were not from qualified applicants. That’s three hours wasted. A recruiter agency can ease the burden of screening so you can concentrate your efforts on only the best candidates.

It is difficult to find the perfect job candidate in today’s highly-competitive and candidate-driven market. This is why many companies look to agencies for help in recruiting the right people to their open job positions.


Common Reasons For Using A Recruiting Agency


Hire Candidates Faster

Employing a recruitment agency can be a time-saver for your company in two key ways. First, hiring is a time-consuming process. A professional agency can help you to save your employees time.

The second is that agencies are professional recruiters who make a living from it. You can be sure that they have qualified candidates who are the right fit for your job positions. This is a significant advantage, as it can greatly reduce the full-cycle recruitment process. So you can hire top candidates faster.


Hiring Qualified Candidates

A second reason many companies choose to use recruitment agencies is to improve the quality of their hires. Employing a recruitment agency has the advantage that many of them specialize in certain functions or industries. They have access to a wide range of highly-skilled candidates. In addition, many agencies hire for their living. This means that they can not only find the best candidates but also make sure these candidates are perfect for the job.


Maintain Your Professional Appearance

Startups and small businesses may not have a dedicated recruiter. These companies lack the resources and expertise necessary to hire the best employees. These companies hire recruitment agencies to make sure that their hiring process is efficient and professional. Don’t try to be a professional recruiter if your skills aren’t up to the mark.


Keep Your New Hires

Employers often find the biggest advantage of using a recruiting agency over hiring in-house employees is that it offers greater security for the retention of new hires. Every top agency offers a guarantee period. The guarantee period is a time limit that guarantees that your new hire will remain at your company for at least 3-6 months. No additional charges will be charged if your new hire is fired or leaves the company before the end of the guarantee period.

So, selecting the right recruitment agency will help you to recruit and retain qualified people more quickly and for a lower price.

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