Why getting your car insurance from an independent agent is beneficial?


A car is one of the significant assets that require insurance aid. At present, with the help of a reliable agent, you can easily acquire car insurance from a renowned company. There’s no denying the fact that buying car insurance online is now turning more famous. In this essence, Insurance agency Charlotte Nc is the best place to look for commercial crime insurance, rental, and auto car insurance from. Here, you will get your answers to questions about why car insurance independent agents are beneficial.

Why Do You Require a Car Insurance Independent Agent?

Only you can judge better whether the privilege of having an insurance agent you can directly email, call, or reach in-person at their office is worth more than buying a policy online. Buying car insurance is vital to your financial well-being and knowing better the coverage at buying time. It’s because your requirements change is a critical part of making sure you have enough risk exposure. Try getting insurance from an Insurance agency Charlotte Nc. 

Three Sources of Car Insurance

Below are car insurance sources and the role car insurance independent agents play:

Captive Agent

A captive car insurance agent who sells one primary insurance carrier. Its major responsibility is to locate a business with a single designated carrier. There are several heftiest insurance carriers like Allstate, State Farm, and Nationwide. They use captive agents and most of them have 24-hour customer service centres. However, captive agents manage most of the client’s requirements directly.

Independent Agent

An independent agent sells insurance via several carriers. While it may also sell essentially for one carrier. However, they still can locate their business with other carriers if it serves the client. Independent insurance agents operate directly with the client. While insurance carriers permit a wider search of carriers within one agency. There are some insurance carriers such as Citizens, Auto-owners, and Hastings Mutual. Once again, 24-hour customer service centres are available for many carriers. Yet, their agent handles every requirement of the client. Independent agents assist in getting great commercial crime insurance.


Purchasing direct online refers to no agent is involved in this procedure of insurance. The insurance client does the majority of the work by entering all the relevant information online and involving from there only. Some hefty online insurance carriers are comprising Progressive, Geico, and Esurance. Charlotte Rental Insurance provides tips to protect your family and rent in Charlotte.

Advantages of Having a Car Insurance Independent Agent

Personalized Service

It’s something several people still search for in the insurance industry. With the presence of so many automated services in action, it’s a fresh breathing feeling to view a smiling face or get an individual on the phone despite trying to finagle your route via voice prompts. Maintenance, a plethora of questions, and claims circle car insurance. Moreover, having an agent is great as you can always speak easily to the same person. It develops a robust relationship in comparison to a different customer representative every time you call. A Charlotte Rental Insurance policy can guard your belongings and valuables when you are renting.

Knowing Your Area

Certainly, having a local insurance agent who knows your entire area is a plus point. An agent can easily relate to you and where you reside. However, if you have a claim, an insurance agent will know exactly the good body shops and some glass companies to suggest in your region. Geico works very hard to provide great car insurance rates in the Charlotte area. So, take your free Charlotte Auto Insurance quote now.

Cash Payments

Nowadays, cash payments are becoming scarce. However, for those people who do not want to provide it up, several agencies still take cash payments.

Multi-Policy Discount

A hefty perk for having all your insurance with an agent is the multi-policy discount. Many insurance carriers provide products via an agent comprising home, car, and financial services. When it gets combined, it gets a multi-policy discount then. Lots of online companies are not yet providing financial or home products, mainly limiting your potential discounts.

Advantages of Buying Direct

Quick Online Convenience

Purchasing car insurance directly is super quick and convenient. You can any time of the day or night, go online and operate your quote. It’s a lot time-efficient since with an agent you can have to provide all your personal information. You can then wait for their callback. However, if you are in a hurry, then directly buying your insurance online is the best way to go. Get your Charlotte Auto Insurance quote today and navigate your way around the Charlotte area.

Potential Savings

It’s highly possible to get a lower rate when buying car insurance directly. As direct carriers do not pay an agent commission. Probably, their savings are passed on further to the customer. One insurance carrier is never one-handedly perfect or the cheapest for everyone. You will still have to do your ground research on which carrier is less costly for your exact situation.

Insurance agents are no longer now compulsory in today’s technology-driven world. Whether or not you require an agent or not, is directed more by a personal preference for the way you like to operate a business.  The best choice is to shop around for the perfect coverage at a lesser price. Moreover, the responsive and friendly service, and a carrier which fits your personal preferences. This is beneficial for all the people searching for car insurance independent agent in their area.

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