Why Is Wearing A Helmet Critical For Making Two Wheeler Insurance Claims?


Most people in India prefer commuting on their motorbikes. The reason why it is the most preferred mode is that, a bike can get through narrow lanes as well as heavy traffic. When it comes to two-wheelers, they are budget-friendly and hence many people end up buying them.

There is no denying in the fact of how convenient having a two-wheeler is, but it also comes with a bunch of cons. One reason being your safety. The risk factor involved in riding a bike is known by almost everyone. You can blame it on the bad condition of roads in India, as many of them are accident-prone and some bike-riders speed on such roads, which leads to major accidents. Especially during the monsoon, when the roads become slippery, it becomes almost impossible to control your bike. In the past few years, there has been a significant increase in accidents caused by two-wheelers. Major accidents not only lead to temporary or permanent disabilities but causes death as well.

Now that you know how severe the case of accidents has become over the years, one must wear a helmet while riding a motorbike. Protecting your head while you ride a bike is essential, because sudden blows to your brain in an accident can cause death on the spot. This means, not only you, but the pillion rider must also wear a helmet that is ISI certified. In simple words, just wearing a helmet can save your life!

Note- Your bike insurance claim can get rejected if it is seen on record that you weren’t wearing a helmet when the accident took place.

This was the first vital thing to consider while riding a bike. The next most important thing will be to purchase an insurance policy for it. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory for every vehicle plying on Indian roads to have at least bike insurance third-partypolicy.

In cases of accidents, you have to bear expenses such as medical and repair bills of your vehicle. These expenses can put a hole in your pocket and seem like a sudden burden on your finances. To avoid this, you can go for either a third-party or comprehensive policy. This is an agreement between an insurance provider and you, wherein your insurer compensates for the medical and repair bills, in exchange for a specific premium amount that must be paid by you annually. Having a third party insurance for bike is indeed compulsory as per the law, but it is only wise to have an adequate insurance plan. If you go to calculate the losses that you can suffer in a major accident, it will be much higher than the premium payable. Also, in case the accident caused injuries or death to a third-party, the legal liabilities will be taken care of by the insurance provider. After knowing all of this, you will still see people riding bikes without having an insurance policy in hand.

The consequences of this can be extremely bad. Penalties are charged if you’re caught without a valid insurance policy. Some people roam with lapsed policies, which can be disastrous too. You must renew your policy before the expiry date, so you don’t have to go through any hassles later.

Renewing as well as purchasing the motor insurance online can be done within a few clicks, so why delay and fall on the wrong side of the law? Analyze your requirements, and only then purchase the insurance policy from a reputed motor insurance company.aa

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