Why Your Business Should Monitor Social Media Mentions


Social media listening and monitoring tools help to monitor social mentions. Social mentions are not worthless, but valuable when used correctly. They play a good role in your digital marketing campaign. There are many good reasons to monitor your social mentions.

Customer insights

People enjoy sharing every activity and experience on social media. They feel happy that their recommendation for a good product will bring value to someone keen on buying. They even feel obliged to share a negative experience. Media monitoring allows you to learn many things –

  • Who your target customer is?
  • Are they satisfied with your brand?
  • How they use the product?
  • Do they need any improvement?
  • Where the hang online?

Find customers

Social mentions allow salespeople to identify potential customers on social media and reach them on a personal level. Getting close helps to build a personal relationship with prospects. Monitor the social mentions relevant to your niche. You can find potential customers and discuss business.

Customer service

Social mention tracking helps you spot customers that seek assistance. You get a real-time notification, which gives a chance to provide quick customer service.

Competition tracking

Always be aware of your competitor’s activities. Keeping track of your competitor’s social mentions allow you to learn many things like their marketing effort performance, new product launch, and social media reach, etc.

Tracking Hashtag performance 

Having hashtag is good. They boost your brand awareness and make you look cool. Hashtag brand monitoring allows you to analyze your online business performance.

To keep track of social mentions choose keywords like –

  • Your company name
  • Your product or service name
  • Product or service type offered
  • Company hashtag
  • Competitors company or product name

Beutler Ink helps businesses to monitor their brand because some negative remarks can damage their reputation. Consistent tracking of social mentions is essential to avoid fraudulent representations and what the public says about your brand. It matters!

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