A Visit to The Seattle Dinner Theater


A visit to the local dinner theater gives customers a real treat, and they can play a wonderful game of Who-Done-It. The theater provides a lengthy performance with a delicious meal. The venue provides wonderful choices for everyone, and the current schedule appears on their website to give patrons a chance to choose the performance they want to see the most.

How Often Does the Theater Perform?

The dinner theater offers three to four performances every month on Saturdays. Patrons can purchase their tickets from the theater’s website and print out a confirmation of their reservations. The theater books quickly, and the owner recommends booking the tickets ahead of time to ensure availability on the preferred night. Patrons must show a valid ID and their confirmation page for their reservations to be admitted to the theater.

How Long Are the Shows?

Each performance runs from 6 pm until 9 pm, and guests are seated at their table throughout the performance. A four-course meal is served during the show, including an appetizer, entree, and dessert. All patrons can exit the dining room to go to the restrooms at their leisure. Patrons can find out more about The Dinner Detective show and dinner options by visiting the establishment’s website.

Present-Day Murders to Solve

Unlike other dinner theaters that perform shows from a variety of eras, all murder mystery shows are set in modern times, and the characters are dressed in costume throughout the performance. However, many characters are often hidden in the dining room, and they are dressed in the same way as the guests.

The shows start with a backstory and the discovery of the murder. Investigations start their search for the killer, and throughout the show, the guests receive clues about what happened. At the end of the performance, the guests present their guesses for who the murderer is. The winner receives a prize and is identified as the top detective for the evening.

A Great Option for Parents with Teens

Parents who are looking for a great family night often bring their teens to the murder mystery performances. The theaters have a strict age policy, and they will not admit any children under the age of 15. The subject matter of the shows is not appropriate for younger children.

Are There Options for Special Occasions?

Yes, the theater offers exceptional party packages for special occasions, and patrons can reserve their party packages online. The theater offers options for groups of all sizes including the four-course dinner of their choosing. It’s the perfect option for birthdays, anniversaries, and special celebrations with friends, family, and loved ones. Patrons can set up their reservations on evenings when the theater doesn’t have a show scheduled.

Dinner theaters offer an exceptional night out with friends and family. The theaters perform extraordinary modern-day murder mysteries, and the audience can participate during each performance. It’s a great opportunity and offers something unique instead of traditional trips to the movies. Patrons can learn more about the theater by visiting the website and setting up a reservation today.


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