Awesome Marketing Tips for a Laundromat  


There are more things to think about with your laundromat and not just your laundry equipment and commercial laundry parts from stores like Laundry Replacement Parts! You must also prioritize marketing your business, especially in a competitive market, online and offline.


That said, it’s time you have effective marketing strategies to attract more customers, especially if you’re a new business. However, there are mistakes you need to watch out for and avoid as you market your laundromat online. To avoid such mistakes, follow these marketing tips to gain more customers and build brand awareness:


Invest in Exterior Storage

Understandably, many laundromat owners operate on smaller budgets and focus more on expenses like rent and dexter laundry parts. That’s why we recommend investing in exterior signs, which are an effective and cost-efficient way to promote a laundromat. The Coin Laundry Association reported that almost 60% of customers believe that business signs will reflect the quality of a business’s products and services.


Make sure you get an appealing and engaging sign, following these tips:


  • Use bright and contrasting colors
  • Consider your building’s architecture and color
  • Know about the sign addendum from your lease
  • Use bold fonts for people to read easily


Focus on Local Marketing

Laundromats would usually serve lower-income customers that rely on smartphones for surfing the Internet. In fact, 29% of low-income households exclusively use their smartphones to go online!


That’s why it’s essential to focus on local marketing, increasing your business’ visibility for Google searches such as “laundromats near me.” To do so, claim your listing from Google My Business and update your contact and business information.


Give Back

Consider partnering your laundromat with local organizations, which can help extend the marketing reach in your community. Ask the organizations to promote your business through ad placements, event signages, among other marketing materials. That way, community members will recognize your brand, keeping it in mind next time they need their laundry done.


Furthermore, ask the marketing team for the organizations to link your website on their social media accounts and website, promoting your brand further.


Social Media is Key

Don’t only focus on offline marketing efforts! You need to go online and be on social media, where most of your target customers already use. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are excellent platforms where you can build an audience, informing customers and visitors about your events and promotions.


Setting up social media accounts is free, though you must take some time to regularly engage with customers for your efforts to be worth it. Post at least once a week on each platform and monitor your pages regularly, answering queries and customer feedback.


You can also set aside a small budget for paid social media advertising, which is a cost-effective strategy as you can target your ads to specific locations and groups of people. You get a better return of investment compared to using traditional methods!


Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, you learned a lot about how to market your laundromat. Follow these tips to set your business up for success now!

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