Bitcoin Mixers – How do they work?


A Bitcoin mixer is an anonymizing service that can be employed to make your bitcoin transactions as anonymous as possible. There is a popular fact that Bitcoin itself is anonymous. It is not, it is pseudo-anonymous.

And while BTC addresses are linked to a real person, every transaction on the network will also be linked to the user. The Bitcoin mixer serves to anonymize any transfer by severing the link to the individual.

These platforms operate by harvesting coins from several sides wishing to use their funds anonymously. This means that the mixer must erase all links between the sender and his Bitcoin.

A review of the best Bitcoin mixer BitMix.Biz

The BitMix platform provides you with the most confidential Bitcoin transfers, with algorithms that have been in place for quite a long time. The whole process of BitMix is automated, and you can operate a bitcoin mixer anytime, day or night.

After you complete your transaction, the whole web account on the site is fully deleted and no data is left, and the service does not request any private information about you during check-in, only the address of your wallet through which the mixing will be performed.

Instructions for using BitMix

Go to the platforms page and select the cryptocurrency you want to work with.

  • The unique code is the code you get the first time you mix on this service. It ensures that in the future you will not be able to retrieve any media you’ve mixed in the past when using the mixer
  • Beneficiary address. In this field enter the address of the wallet to which you want to send the mixed bitcoins. You can add up to 5 addresses, between which the mixed bitcoins will be distributed
  • Delayed transaction return from the mixer. You can set it to 72 hours. The service recommends setting a delay of at least 1 hour.

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