Excellent SEO Tips For The Beginners


Are you a beginner? Not sure how to start with your SEO journey? Well, you need not worry as we are here for you. As a beginner, you need to understand that there is no magic to rank your website on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Search engines are governed by various algorithms and it takes a lot of effort to convince them to give you a good rank. Nevertheless, there are various tools and strategies using which you will be able to improve your ranking on search engines. Here are a few tips and tricks that beginners can master in order to start with their SEO journey:

Page descriptions and titles: Page titles are very important for the SEO aspect. Your page title should always be optimised. There should also be a unique title to each of the pages. You must also be very brief in your approach. You can also take the help of SEO tools for this purpose. One such SEO tool is Zutrix. To can learn more about Zutrix , you can visit their official website.

Use the permanent link structure: A permanent link structure is used to describe the format of URL for the various posts and pages of your website. It is always recommended that you use simple use- friendly URLs for your website. You can also use hyphens to separate the words of your URL. The URL should always be short and simple. Never go for URLs with unnecessary information. Avoid keyword stuffing in your URL.

Internal links are important: Internal links are the links which point to other pages of your website. These pages will only link and point the pages inside your website. You can use proper keywords in your internal links. Make it a point to place the internal links at a proper position of your website. Only then it will get the proper attention of the customers. Internal linking is also an important factor for your SEO rank. The links should also be easy to understand and search engine friendly. You can also visit this source to know how you can improve your SEO rank.

Properly format your text: Don’t just include pieces of text in your website. You need to do certain basic SEO formatting. Always include H1 tags in the title of your post. H2 tags should be used for the main heading. You can also use bold and Italic at different places to draw the attention of your users. Do not use H2 tags for every single heading. Always write in small paragraphs.The font size is also quite important. Go for a font size that is easy to read. While you are formatting your posts, you must also always keep the user experience in mind.

Image Optimisation: Images can be used to enhance the user experience on your website. However, you must take care of the fact that these images should not slow down the performance of your website. You can use ALT text to describe your images. You can also add keywords. It should be included in the image. Also, give meaningful names to your image files. All the image files should be kept in a dedicated folder. The image size should also be optimised. The smaller the images, the faster the load on your website.

Loading Speed: The loading speed is of primary importance when it comes to ranking factors. If your users find out that your website page takes a long time to load ,then they will gradually stop visiting your website. There are various tools available online using which you can measure the speed of your website.

Design mobile-friendly websites: A significant number of searches are performed regularly from mobile devices. Various researches have stated that the number of mobile users are increasing steadily. As a result, more and more people are visiting websites from their mobile.  That is why you need to design a website which loads equally well on both mobile devices as well as on your computer.

So, these are some of the most important SEO tips for beginners. You can also click here for blogging.org to know more about the latest SEO tips and tricks.

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