Cash purchasing power: 7 tips for good trading


Cash purchasing power: whoever has it, needs to know how to take advantage! This is what happens with the consortium winner, whether by lot or bid. He gains the right to use the credit and can negotiate all the benefits of those who arrive to buy with cash in hand! To help you in this trading, we have prepared 7 unmissable tips. Check out!

1 – Inform yourself well

To negotiate advantages and discounts at the time of purchase, start tradings with maximum information. Research about the good or service you intend to purchase: what are its characteristics and what are the conditions of purchase and sale that the establishment offers. It is also important to know what conditions this product is in: if it is a used item (property or car, for example), find out if you have any pending or debt.

2 – Compare prices

The internet makes it easy to conduct price research. It is worthwhile to go to sites specializing in offers or the goods you want to purchase, such as home, cars, and travel.

3 – Visit the physical store

Going to the seller or the establishment helps with the research mentioned in the previous item. In addition to clarifying doubts, it also enables a more robust contact to negotiate prices and advantages. According to the professor, when going to establishments the customer knows better the product he intends to purchase.

4 – Go accompanied

Even with a lot of information available, insecurity can hit time to negotiate products. So, to make the most of your cash purchasing power, you can go to the store or seller accompanied by a specialist in the subject or someone who has already done the same transaction that you will do.

Also, it is always good to ask the opinion of those who will enjoy the good or service with you. If you are a couple, for example, it is important to decide together with the purchase of a property or vehicle and carefully analyze the conditions of purchase and sale.

5 – Avoid disclosing your financial intentions

In most cases, we have a fixed or flexible amount in mind to spend. When trading the purchase of a good or product, it is better not to talk openly to the seller about how much you want to spend. Professor José Guilherme explains that the seller will always ask the price range we intend to reach and the best thing to say is that you are looking for a good cost-benefit ratio. Thus, you can analyze the possibilities within the value that you have available.

6 – Don’t get carried away by emotions

Buying a long-awaited product can generate anxiety and even a rush to close the deal. This can be bad at the time of trading. Check here important tips to practice conscious consumption. Read in the post below what we already published about the importance of separating reason and emotion when making a purchase.

7 – Think before closing the deal

With all the advantages and possibilities presented, it is better to go home and think carefully. Spending a weekend analyzing what was offered by the seller can help you make the right decision.

These are our 7 tips for the consortium member to take advantage of the purchasing power in cash and get along when purchasing a product or hiring a service. It is worth adding that up to 10% of the credit obtained through contemplation can be used to pay expenses related to the property, such as property transfers, taxes, and notary records.

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