Six Reasons That Make Va Loans Best


VA home loans help millions of veterans to achieve their dream of owning a house. VA home loans San Diego was introduced close to World War 2. The objective was to help military families, service members, and veterans.  During the great recession, the loaning service helped many veterans with its low-interest rate and loans for veterans with low credit scores. Coming back, let’s see how good are VA loans for the veterans today and 6 reasons you should take it. 

  • No Need To Make Any Down Payments

No down payment is the best feature of VA home loans. Typically, a conventional loaning service would ask a person to pay up to 5% of the borrowing amount. But with VA loans San Diego you can eliminate that step.  

  • No Need To Go For Private Insurance

After the down payment has put a hole in your pocket, saving money for private insurance can be crushing. It gets worse when a person doesn’t have a decent credit score. The personal loaning services may ask them to pay up to 20% of the purchase price. 

With VA Home Loans San Diego, you can save yourself from paying for private mortgage insurance and save even more money.  Instead, you will be paying a mandatory funding fee, which is much less than the private mortgage insurance. Also, the funding fee goes directly to the Departments of Veteran Affairs. 

  • Low Requirement For Credit Score

A credit score plays a crucial role in getting a loan or borrows a required amount to buy a property.  In VA home loans, qualifiers do not need a perfect credit score to borrow the amount. 

  • Forgiving DTI Ratios

In conventional loans, lenders expect about 55% of your gross income to pay crucial debts that include mortgage loans. VA lenders ask no more than 41%, which gives VA home loan borrowers more flexibility. 

  • Curbing Closing Costs

Closing cost is something that you cannot escape. However, the VA loan plan limits the number of fees that a veteran or service member needs to pay on closing.

  • Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

People need to wait a long period to get a mortgage loan in case of a previous foreclosure or bankruptcy incident. For veterans looking for VA Home Loans San Diego, short sale or bankruptcy needs to wait for a shorter period even after facing foreclosure. The waiting period can go up to 2 years after your bankruptcy or foreclosure.

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