Content Marketing for Manufacturers: How to get it right


If you run a manufacturing facility, its success is dependent on the sales you make. Over the last two decades, the market has been adrift from traditional to digital marketing. Therefore, your manufacturing venture cannot be left behind because clients are already going digital and competitors are also on the race to outdo you. Here are the best content marketing strategies that you should use:

Use Social Media to Market and Strengthen Your Brand

Today, everyone including your targeted clients is on social media. Approximately 83%of business-to-business marketers are very active on social media. Therefore, you need to be equally active to build your brand. The good thing is that social media marketing can be easily managed from anywhere and it is relatively cheap.

You should start by developing content for social media and posting at least once every week. Make sure to work on a mixture of products that range from your industry news, product posts, videos and staff info. You will be surprised to see the huge traffic checking your pages to get info about the business. These are the visitors you should turn into clients and carry the info to others.

Post Case Studies

Case study content, just like in college, carries a lot of weight about your organization. The facts that you capture in the case study give the target customers social proof of the superiority of your products. For example, if your manufacturing unit deals with mining, you might want to showcase alternative processes used to mine metals. For example, some mining firms as captured here generate gold and silver as by-products of non-ferrous metals production. This implies that the process is more environmentally friendly and precious metals cheaper. Who would not like to get gold at a cheaper price? When you showcase this in a case study, the results will be amazing.

Develop a Quality Blog

Notably, people’s decisions to buy are largely driven by the information they have. When crafting a content strategy, it is prudent to include a blog. Blogs have become important points of disseminating useful information about brands and their products. They provide a reliable customer-business connection that can be used to define the relationship and strengthen your brand. Here are other benefits of using a blog:

  • You can easily drive a lot of traffic to your site.
  • It is a great method of ranking better in the search engine result pages.
  • You can use it to leverage content development efforts.

For manufacturers, using content in digital marketing is an option that cannot be wished away. If you implement it well, it could be the perfect mark that you need to advance to the next level. Remember to always test your strategy and redefine it over time for sustainability.

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