Eleven Tips For A Hong Kong Startup To Hire New Staffs


During the first two months you may have already found your ideal co-founder locally in Hong Kong who is willing to work with you on your new project idea. It may well be the next new I.T. company project idea that is going to solve a big problem in the local society. To make the financial things more clear, both of you have decided complete your company incorporation in Hong Kong with the Companies Registry.

One big challenging problem that all startup founders (or entrepreneurs) may face is where and how to hire staffs to work with the new startup. Not everyone wants to join a new startup that may not seem stable financially. People may still prefer to work for the established big brands so they are 100% sure to get a paycheck at the end of each month. Below are the best practices when your new Hong Kong startup company is hiring new staffs.

  • Identify the roles that are key to your start business and are missing in your company.
  • Focus on your startup company’s brand vision and mission.
  • Offer remote work options for some staffs with great potential growth. Many times, the people who are suitable to work with your key project may not even reside locally in Hong Kong. This means you must give them permission to work from where they are.
  • Consider hiring the fans/followers of your brand. There may be people who have followed you (the founder) for the past years.
  • Start building your company’s brand if you haven’t started. Keep building it if you’re already doing it.
  • Develop your office to be a fun place to work.
  • Set up an entire process for onboarding of new employees. It is not going to be perfect, but do set up a process to make it easy for new staffs as an orientation before they can fit in well.
  • Hold on to the talented staffs who are already working in your startup. When you keep hiring and at the same time your company keeps losing the existing employees, then you should review what may have gone wrong.
  • Offer a challenging project for people who are interested in your company project or have applied for jobs at your startup.
  • Attend some local Hong Kong events that are related to your industry. Speak at the local HK events about your company and brand, what product exactly you are developing, and what problems you are solving.
  • Make use of the power of social media. Create/register social media accounts for your startup, and start posting about your company, product, vision, mission, solutions, and more. Before people coming for an interview at your company, they would mostly check out at your social media pages (such as Facebook page).

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