The Company with No Location: How to Make Sure of It?


The traditional idea of ​​business for most people involves having a location. Although there are many types of businesses where a location is not necessary. presents a list of business ideas for which a location space is not necessary.

The Journey

Since the 90s of the XX century, factors such as the Internet and digital communication in general, personal computers and mobile phones have dramatically changed the general concept of organizing business processes. Now for the effective teamwork of all employees of the company it is not necessary to collect them in one office building.

Such decentralization and distribution of responsibilities significantly increases the efficiency of personnel, saves time and overhead costs of organizing a business. Now that you can visit you can find the best options and ways of how to be at any place in the world and still run the company without a fixed location.

So a new segment of the SOHO market appeared, from English small office / home office, small office / home office. We also call it a home based business. A business that you can do and manage from home without having to rent a location.

People from various business lines pay attention to SOHO business, consultants, lawyers, hairdressers, seamstresses, realtors, photographers. The most widespread soho-business was among programmers and it-specialists. Currently, the situation is that the head of the business, while in the area, can manage his team of programmers who live in different parts of the world. To communicate with each other and work, they only need the Internet. This company receives orders through freelance and outsourcing. The organization of IT business according to the scheme was widespread: when a manager or remote managers look for an order, then transfer it to various freelancers. Up to 90% of companies in the IT sphere constantly use the services of remote workers, in fact, such companies in the state have no one but a leader.

  • And the rare need for a location space is easily filled by coworking centers.
  • But, even in the absence of knowledge from the sphere of high technologies, one can always find ideas of a home business where a location is not needed.

For example, check out Locationlessbusiness ideas

Almost the entire scope of home services is dispensed with without offices, repair and decoration, construction, installation and repair of household appliances and air conditioners, electricians and plumbing.

As you can see, a business without a location is found in all areas. The lack of office space has a positive effect on the total profit of the company, because you do not need to pay rent and serve the office with furniture and appliances. Such lines of business are perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs who are not confident in their abilities. From John Spencer Ellis blogs you will be getting all the options for the same. So you can visit and come up with the options open for you.

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