How Do Trust Badges Contribute to Sale Conversion


For E-commerce and online businesses, physical contact, and one-on-one conversation with customers is not possible. Therefore, there are limited options for getting the customer to trust your brand for the success of your brand. It can be done by ensuring that they receive exactly what they want at the desired time without any scams to build long-lasting trust.

Engage your business in social media as a marketing strategy that also verifies your brand existence and give it social proof.

What are trust badges?

Trust badges are a small verified logo or seal that shows that your website is authentic, credible, and legal. It shows that your business is certified to cooperate with other businesses. It also allows customers to trust your brand. They can be of different types that target different aspects of sales and gives comfort to the customers into purchasing from your site.

Profitable eCommerce is a consultant site that helps you increase traffic in your site increasing the bran sales. They provide tips on building a trusting relationship with your customers. It suggests that you get Shopify trust badges for your product site. Multiple trust badges or seals contribute to increased sales according to Profitable eCommerce.

Type of trust badges to increase online sales

  • Credit card badge

For payment methods, the customers can be timid to trust an online business. A trust badge from Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal solves the problem. Associating your brand with these recognized payment modes that customers use commonly also provides convenience to customers.

  • Award and honors

Awards give the customers the impression that you are the best in the field of production that you sell. It helps eliminate your competition so that buyers choose from you because your brand has received an award.

  • Partnership logo

The proof of your brand reliability can be given by affiliating your brand with other well-recognized brands. It adds credibility to your business. However, affiliating with an even less reputed brand than you will not give you any sales increase.

  • Customer satisfaction badge

A customer satisfaction badge can attract customers into purchasing from your site. It may include the customer desired schemes such as ‘free shipping’, ‘cash back guarantee’, ‘two-year warranty’, and many more.

  • Security seal

Security seal or SSL certification shows the customers that your website is a safe space for you to enter sensitive personal information including your bank account, address, password, etc. Achieve a secure payment seal to give contentment to your customers.

  • App store logos

It emphasizes convenience for your customers as it shows that your brand is accessible in many ways. It gives extra weightage to your brand for being vetted by Google and Apple for the app store.


Customers can be skeptical to purchase off the online market especially while making an online payment. Therefore, make it an easy and comfortable choice for the customers by getting trust badges from recognized and reputed brands to verify your business.

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