Important Things You Need To Know About Cnc Lathe With Working Principle


If you are looking out for the brief details of the CNC lathes then you have landed at the perfect place. In this post, we will provide you with all the details and functions of the CNC lathe (เครื่อง cnc lathe, which is the term in Thai) that you should know about. These days variety of CNC machines are used in the manufacturing process. This includes CNC milling, CNC double column with vertical and horizontal models.

Due to the availability of different models of the CNC machines it is very important to know about the functioning of each. This will help you in deciding which type of machines suits your requirement and business the best.

Definition Of The Cnc Lathe Machinery

 Here is the simplest definition of the CNC lathe machines. The foundation of the CNC machines is that they are operated with computer numeric control. They provide precise design and instructions for better functioning and results. In the CNC lathe machines, the tools are tightly clamped with the appropriate fittings and rotated with the main spindle.

Whereas, the cutting tool that work on the materials is mounted and work on the various axis so that they can work on the various dimensions of the material. The CNC lathes are used basically for machinery purposes. These are the ideal choices for the materials and the parts that have symmetry around the axis that needs to be maintained.

A simple and basic version of the CNC lathe machine operates on two axes. The tool that needs to be processed is fixed at the 8 to 24 station position. In these stations, the rotating action is called turning. Hence, these are also named CNC turning machines.

Different Parts Of The CNC Lathe Machines

Here is the brief of the different part of the CNC lathe machines which comes in all together to perform the best functions.

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Flat bed
  • Standard
  • Slant bed
  • Multi-axis
  • Different types f spindles and axis.

Purposes For Which CNC Lathe Machines Are Used

These are used to make precise round shapes with precise measurements of the diameter. These are commonly used in the industries like oil, gas electronics, mining, and various other power plants. The result of the machine gives you the best precision and excellent quality for the product.

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