Media Consumption Among Millennials and Gen Z


Gen Z and Millennials have surprisingly comparable habits for consuming new information, but there are notable differences between the two generations. As we see in our everyday lives, both generations rely strongly on online sources for news, recreation and even communication. No newspapers, magazines or cassette collections. Parties and events — well, these days online and virtual events are sometimes more popular than showing up in person.

These internet-focused media consumption habits are crucial for marketers to comprehend because these behaviors affect not only the way media should distribute their communication efforts but also to a great degree they dictate how that message would be best received in content and tone.

The infographic below, Millennials vs. Gen Z — Media Consumption Habits, provides a number of statistics and insights that advertisers and marketers will find beneficial.

An essential point to take away from the resource is the prevalence of video media in both groups. While Millennials utilize video to a very great extent, they are still comfortable and able to easily consume media in a textual format. But for Gen Z however, relies on video. Since video media has emerged as a leader in the industry for online news and entertainment, and one that has shown the promise to continue its growth, marketing administrators should be examining their marketing budgets carefully. How much of cash is being committed to video creation and furthermore creation?

Millennials vs Gen Z: Media Consumption Habits Wibbitz

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