Marketing Your Business in These Challenging Times of COVID-19    


2020 has been a year unlike any other, and though we’re not over yet, most businesses are planning their 2021 marketing campaigns in advance. Below, we’ve rounded up some tips to ensure that yours are successful and appropriate in today’s sensitive COVID-19 climate…

Be sensitive to the current climate

Perhaps most importantly, you should be respectful and sensitive to the current climate, and understand that not everyone has the same feelings or opinions. Where possible, you should avoid being political – criticising a government figure or policy could not only alienate some of your customers but cause divisions within your own workforce. Avoid anything that could be considered offensive or controversial, and remember that, ultimately, we’re in a period of national mourning, with thousands of people losing their lives to the disease. Your marketing campaign must reflect that, whether you’re selling Christmas jumpers or car tyres.

Stress your cleaning regime

If you have a physical office or retail location, it’s vital to stress your current cleaning regime to prove to customers and your staff that you care about their safety and wellbeing. If you are too busy to implement the recommended and legal guidelines, consider working with a firm that offers facilities management services – that way, you can benefit from cutting-edge cleaning services without having to hire a cleaner on your own. You could even take pictures of your premises being cleaned on an evening to show your patrons that you’re putting their health above all else – though getting your cleaner to agree to a photoshoot might be tough

Display trust badges

As more and more businesses adapt to the current climate and take their products and services online, finding ways to stand out and demonstrate your authority can be a real challenge. One way is to display trust pages on your website to increase customer loyalty and retention and increase sales and conversions. Using a trusted badge or moniker on your site shows your customers that you’re a respectable and trustworthy business – and with so many scammers and bad actors online, it can be the difference between finding a new client.

Don’t cut your budget

Finally, think carefully before cutting your marketing budget – it’s easy to panic at the current economic situation and think that you need to cut money left, right, and centre, but the truth is that marketing has never been more vital. With consumers spending more time at home, an effective digital marketing campaign can make or break your business – fail to invest, and the chances are that one of your competitors will outrank you. Now is the time to review your current campaigns and decide what you need to drop and what you need to develop upon.

Do you have any other tips for marketing your business in these challenging times? Let us know and check back to the website soon for more tips and tricks, here on Sixty Marketing.



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