Smart Transfer Option of the Lead Spring Parts


Your vehicle’s springs are an integral part of its suspension system. The springs not only keep the four corners of the vehicle at a predetermined and uniform high, but they are primarily designed to stabilize the vehicle as the suspension components move up and down on an unstable road.

The Customer Preferences

To meet a variety of customer preferences, the springs can be manufactured to produce a smoother ride with more rebound, or conversely they can be configured for a stiffer, more aggressive ride with less rebound. To dampen and stop this type of excessive movement of the springs that would make it difficult to control a vehicle, shock absorbers are installed to work alongside the springs.

Choose Your Deals

A vehicle’s springs have a long life and in some cases can even last the life of the vehicle. However, this does not mean that the springs do not wear out. When the springs reach the end of their life because they have lost their strength or have become brittle, ride quality and safety deteriorate.

  • As the springs age and lose their ability to rebound, they tend to sag. A weak spring does not support its fair step of the overall load and can cause the vehicle to behave unpredictably when cornering, braking, or during acceleration. Such a spring will compress more easily, which will cause sagging and the risk of damage to other components of the suspension. Worn springs can also lead to dangerous driving in curves.
  • In this article, we’ll discuss the design of each of these springs and tell you how to recognize the signs that it’s time to replace them. But first of all, we would like to clarify the importance of replacing the front or rear springs in pairs and not individually.
  • If you hear a metal noise, we recommend that you check the torsion bars for cracks as they will eventually break over time.

The suspension absorbs the movements and vibrations transmitted by the road. It guarantees interior comfort, road holding and protection of vehicle components. The spring is a constituent element of the suspension. Characterized by many parameters, it is leaf or helical. Here is an article helping to choose a spring for the suspension of your vehicle.

Springs are essential to the suspension

The spring steel, helical or leaf is a silicon manganese alloy. The parameters to be observed are,the force which corresponds to the maximum load that the spring can withstand without permanent deformation, the deflection which is the difference between free height and height under load, the maximum deflection during assembly, flexibility, and the period of oscillation. A helical or coil spring is also characterized by its diameter, the diameter of the wire, the number of turns per unit of length. For leaf springs, we considerthe length of the dismantled spring, the center distances (horizontal distances between the mounting eye and the star bolt), the number, thickness and width of the leaves. Here are all the information that you need now.

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